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Friday, October 29, 2010

Senator Carl Levin Visited Today

Senator Carl Levin paid a visit to City Hall today.  Mayor Beach Hall and Council Member Gary Nowak toured Rogers City with the Senator, showing his some of the USDA-RD construction projects funded in part with federal dollars.  Mayor Hall thanked the Senator for helping Rogers City obtain Federal grants and loans, such the "Build America Bonds," United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development (USDA-RD) loans, and Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) used for various improvement projects in Rogers City.

They also shared with the Senator their concerns about the economy, needs of the City, and legislation pending to expand the Marine Sanctuary--which Rogers City strongly supports.

Other opportunities and concerns were also presented or discussed, including regional cooperation, energy, and taxes.

This visit was a non-partisan event to keep communications open between Rogers City and a key elected official in Washington D.C..  On behalf of the entire City of Rogers City, thank you Senator Levin for helping this community.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Roostertail Restaurant Open

The Roostertail Restaurant at 390 South First Street has reopned after being closed for almost eight years.  The food is great!  they offer salads, soup, sandwiches, wraps, and a variety of dinners.  Dinners options include New York Strip Steak, pearch, cod fillet, turkey, pork, shrimp, a variety of pasta, and broasted chicken. 

The interior is tastefully furnished, including booths, tables, and a private room.  Karen leads the friendly and efficient wait staff.

Hours may vary by season.  You can call (989) 474-9123 or email them at roostertailrc@live.com

This neighborhood restaurant is easy to find at the intersection of First Street and Orchard Street, two blocks east of BR-23.  From BR-23, find Orchard Street (about half way between Westminster Park and the St. Ignatius Catholic Church) and turn toward Lake Huron. 

A charming place for a quality meal.


The following contact information is available for those who need help and for those who are able to offer help:

Catholic Human Services Inc.
Presque Isle County Wraparound Coordinator
201 S. Bradley Hwy., Suite 1
Rogers City, MI 49779
ph- (989)734-8466
fx- (989)734-7407

Presque Isle Food Pantry (Pantry includes baby needs too)
Serving the Rogers City area, the Villages of Posen and Hawks, and surrounding Townships
(Onaway has a separate Food Pantry)
Pick up and Drop off Located at Westminster Presbyterian Church
Hours: 10 am to noon on First and Third Wednesdays
125 West Ontario Street
Rogers City, MI 49779
Contact: Beth Getzinger, Coordinator
Rogers City, MI 49779
989-734-2592 (residence) or call the Church office at 989-734-3929

Carrie Badgero, MSW

Community Resource Coordinator
Alpena/PI County DHS
Alp: (989-354-7248
PI: (989) 734-5123
cell: (989) 306-0817

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Sludge Tank

This picture shows the rebar going up for the walls of a new sludge storage tank at the Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF).  The approximately $3.5 million dollar WWTF construction contract was awarded to the low bidder--Meridian Contracting Services, LLC  of Alpena. 

The project is possible because of a low interest rate loan from the United States Department of Agriculture -- Rural Development (USDA-RD).  USDA-RD was able to offer the City a rate of 2.35 percent for 40 years.  Using provisions of the "Build America Bonds," the interest rate was reduced to 1.54 percent.

Also, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) provided a grant of $750,000 toward the WWTF project.

"Walking to School is Good for All"

Below is an article from The Detroit Free Press, 10/27/2010, Page D01

"Walking to School is Good for All"

Dear Leanna: My 12-year old niece proudly e-mailed me her photos of Walk to School Day. I never heard of it. We live a mile from our own school and a bus picks up our boys, ages 9 and 10.

We think they’re old enough to walk, but riding is ingrained in this community’s culture. Where can I get info on this event?

Answer: October is International Walk to School Month, with nearly 4,000 schools in the United States participating. The goals:

1. To promote physical activity by teaching kids the benefits of walking and the skills to walk safely

2. To identify safe routes to school

3. To raise awareness of how walkable a community is and where it can be improved

4. To save energy, reduce crime and take back neighborhoods

5. To reduce traffic congestion, pollution and speed near schools

6. To encourage kids and parents to share healthy activity

The event is taking hold thanks to a confluence of factors — childhood obesity has increased; tight school schedules and budgets have cut down on recess and physical education, and there’s a growing feeling that walking to school is a nifty way to get the digital generation to put down the Xbox and breathe some fresh air.

Psychologist John Grohol says promoting independence is another reason to encourage kids to walk to school:  “Even though families live in perfectly safe neighborhoods, parents feel the need to chauffeur their children,” he notes. “Children learn by doing. If we take informal learning opportunities away from our children, we hurt their ability to learn the way they were intrinsically built to learn — through natural experiences, interactive experiences with their peers and unscripted, unstructured playtime.”

Some parents worry that walking to school may compromise safety. But Grohol believes those fears must be put in perspective. “Kids 15 years or younger are five to seven times more likely to die in your car than they are to be abducted by a stranger.

And both are highly unlikely occurrences to begin with.”

Lenore Skenazy, author of “Free-Range Kids: Giving Our Children the Freedom We Had Without Going Nuts with Worry” (Jossey-Bass, $14.95), thinks today’s children should benefit from the same independence the boomer generation had — to ride bikes to school, walk to the store, take buses and subways by themselves.
Skenazy says: “We believe in safe kids. We believe in helmets, car seats and safety belts. We do NOT believe that every time school-age children go outside, they need a security detail.”


This article by Leanna Landsmann expresses many of the reasons people in Rogers City encourage their children to walk or bike to school and participate in "Walk to School Day"--besides just plain fun!
Thanks to the Detroit Free Press for the use of this article.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rogers City Community Theater: Sound of Music Opens, October 29

The Rogers City Community Theater will perform the famous Rogers & Hammerstein Musical
The Sound of Music 
on Friday, October 29 and November 5, and on Saturday, October 30 and November 6, with curtain at 7:30 pm (doors open at 7:00 pm).  Matinee performances are Sunday, October 31 and November 7, with curtain at 7:30 pm (doors open at 7:00 pm).

It will be another great show, great talent, great sets, great direction, great music--great, great, great!

USDA Sewer Project in Full Swing

Here is a picture of renovation work in progress on the main building of Rogers City's Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF).  This project is made possible by the United States Department of Agriculture--Rural Development (USDA-RD),  a grant from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), and our customers in Rogers City.  Merridan Construction of Alpena is doing the renovation work.  

Thanks to USDA-RD, MEDC, and to you, our sanitary sewer customers in Rogers City.  Thanks also to Ray Hansen, Rob Kortman, and Josh Fleming at the WWTF:  "They deal with things scary to make Rogers City sanitary."

The purpose of the WWTF renovation project is to provide safe, environmentally responsible, and efficient sanitary sewer service to our customers for decades into the future.  If you want to learn more about the renovation of the WWTF, please contact me.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Chamber of Commerce Dinner

The Rogers City Area Chamber of Commerce is holding its annual dinner at 5:30 pm, Wednesday, November 3, 2010 at the Senior Center. 

There will be door prizes, raffles, and Mike Ridley will provide the evening's entertainment.

Cocktails at 5:30 pm (BYOB) and dinner at 6:30 pm.  Tickets are $25 per person.

Support our Chamber of Commerce--they do a lot for this community!!! 

Come on out for an evening of fun, fellowship, and great entertainment.

Annual Soil Conservation District Meeting

Ralph Stedman, Director of the Presque Isle Soil Conservation District has announced the Annual Meeting of the Presque Isle Soil Conservation District.  Jennifer Kleitch--a Wildlife Biologist with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment (MDNRE)--will speak on “Wolves in Michigan.”

The Presque Isle Conservation District Annual Meeting is at 6:00 pm on Thursday,  November 4, 2010 at the Rogers City Senior Center.  Dinner is served prior to the meeting from 5:00-6:00 pm for $4.50 per person.  The meeting starts at 6:00 pm and the presentations will begin at 6:20 pm.

The presentation is free and open to the public.  Call Ralph Stedman at 734-4000 for more information.

Rogers City in the Detroit Free Press

Congratulations to Ray Spain, from the Rogers City Area Chamber of Commerce for getting press coverage of one of our area's ghostly attraction: The Old Presque Isle Lighthouse.  The article is in the Sunday Edition of the Detroit Free Press on page 22a is about ghostly spots in Michigan. 

The Old Presque Isle Lighthouse is about 20 miles from Rogers City about half way between Alpena and Rogers City.  The Old and New Presque Isle Lighthouses have a colorful history which is well documented in the Lighthouse museum there.  If you have never visited the site it is well worth the trip. 

While you are in the area you should check out some of our many area attractions, such as the Harbor and Quarry View Sites, the Presque Isle Historical Museum (which has won many awards), downtown Rogers City (which will be visited by ghosts and other fantastical beings during our Halloween Parade, starting at 5:30 pm on October 31, 2010), and the 40 Mile Point Lighthouse (which many say has its own ghosts).   Fall is a great time to visit....

Friday, October 22, 2010

Scill's Grill Open in Rogers City

Scott and Jill combined their first names to create a great new place to eat: "Scill's Grill."

They have a wonderful menu for lunch and dinner with an abundance of "family comfort food" along with traditional menu items, including steak, fish, and BBQ Baby Back Ribs and Chicken. 

Their winter hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 11 am to 7 pm; Friday and Saturday from 11 am to 8 pm, and Sunday from 11 am to 3 pm.  They offer dine in and take out.   You can call in your order to 989-734-2007.

I have enjoyed many good meals at Scill's Grill--you will too.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Water and Sewer Projects Overcome Challenges

Due to nice weather, the water and sewer projects are going forward at a fair pace.  However, two of the contractors have experienced some challenges.  On Cedar Street, MacArthur Construction discovered underground conditions to be very difficult with a layer of hard pan and flowing springs in the excavation area.  At the WWTF, the main building was more deteriorated than originally noted, and Merridian has had to accomplish additional repairs on the foundation, walls and windows.  The water tower project is on schedule.  Overall, MacArthur, Merridian, and CBI are doing a very credible job on these projects so far.  Thanks!

With any major project, unexpected items do arise.  City staff has regular progress meeting with the contractors.  The next meeting is on October 20, 2010.   If you have any questions or comments on these projects, please contact me.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Natural Beauty at Seagull Point Park

Thanks to Ed Lamb for this glorious picture from Seagull Point Park.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Southeast Michigan Sustainable Communities Proposal Wins Grant Funding

The following comments were published by Arnold Weinfeld from the Michigan Municipal League:

"The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has announced the first ever recipients for the Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grants.  In Michigan, the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG) was awarded $2.85 million. Nearly $100 million in grants was awarded nationwide to 45 regional areas.

The funds will be used to develop and implement multi-jurisdictional planning efforts that incorporate housing, land use, economic development, transportation and infrastructure. As noted by HUD Secretary Donovan, the Sustainable Communities Grant program is intended to build economic competitiveness by connecting housing with good jobs, quality schools and transportation. This initial round of funding was split evenly between regions with populations less than 500,000 and rural places (fewer than 200,000 people). HUD is reserving $2 million to help all of these areas build the needed capacity to execute their plans.

The grants are part of the Obama Administration’s Partnership for Sustainable Communities, which brings HUD, the U.S. Department of Transportation, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency together to ensure that the agencies’ policies, programs, and funding consider affordable housing, transportation, and environmental protection together. The program is indicative of a new federal funding philosophy and one that matches the League's efforts with our "Center for 21st Century Communities"."

These sustainable communities grants are offered via the Obama Administration; however, building sustainable communities is not become a partisan political issue.  I hope everyone can agree that making our communities "more sustainable" is a good thing. 
But, what is "more sustainable?"  I guess the "devil is in the details."  Reasonable people may disagree about what is sustainable and what is not.  For example, I happen to think that the Wolverine Clean Energy Venture is a safe and sustainable project.  I know people who do not agree with me.  It has become an emotional issue for some people.
If Michigan is to move forward economically and sustainably, then we will have to find common ground in our understanding of what is and what is not "sustainable."  We need more dialogue and less "heated rhetoric."  For the good of the nation, Michigan, Presque Isle County, and Rogers City, I hope we can find ways to discuss these matters, build consensus, and establish common ground.

Sam and Kris

I will take a moment and a bit of cyberspace to share a picture from my son's marriage to Kris Lunghi.  The ceremony was held at the Elliston Vinyard in California--it was a wonderful event.  Congratulations Sam and Kris!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blog Off Air

I'm not going to be posting any blog entries for a week, while I take a vacation to attend my son's wedding in California.  I'll be back in a week with new material for you.  Thanks.

Monday, October 4, 2010

International Walk to School Day--SR2S

Wednesday, October 6, 2011is International Walk-to-School Day.  Please come join us for a  "Walking School Bus."  The idea of a walking school bus is to have fun, save fuel, and be safe.  The entire SR2S program is to encourage a healthy and active life style for yound people. 

At least one adult representative of the Rogers City's SR2S program will be at each of the three pick up points.  The "bus" leaves the pick up point at 7:30 am from the locations listed below:

State and Larke

Huron and Third

Fourth and Erie

After the "bus" gets to school, there will be a presentation about the SR2S program and refreshments for the children.

Learn more about SR2S at http://saferoutesmichigan.org/

Huron Pines--A Great Organization

If you want to do something good, then check out http://www.huronpines.org/

Huron Pines is a great organization that helps protect our corner of the planet.  For example, Huron Pines is helping Rogers City and many other Northeast Michigan communities to eliminate the invasive species Phragmites.  They also help with other ecological challenges like restoring streams, rivers, and coastal waters.

Visit their website.  Then, consider volunteering or make a donation.  You will be glad you did.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Boat Haul Out

The Rogers City Marina is hauling out our boats for the winter.

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