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Tuesday, October 1, 2013


This is my last blog post as City Manager for the City of Rogers City.  I will be moving to the City of Ishpeming to take up duties as their City Manager. 

I depart with the certain knowledge that Rogers City has a bright future.  There are many strong and talented leaders in City Council, City staff, and the local business community.  I urge them to work together to find a common purpose and make the bright future a reality.

The City's financial health is solid; although, some threats to revenue remain, such as the possible loss of the mislabled "personal property tax."

Much of the City's key facilities and infrastructure are new or recently rennovated.  Attention is being paid to the details of the streetscape and walkability.  Policy makers have decided that investment in continued infrastructure improvement will continue.

Work needs to be done to improve the condition of the City's streets, but funding for this need is lacking.  While this problem is felt locally, it is not a local problem.  The City does not have the legal ability to raise sufficent funding on its own.  Finding sufficient dollars for street repair requires a state and/or national level changes in transportation tax policy.

The Rogers City housing stock is sound and offers a variety of cost options. The vast majority of property owners keep there property very clean and appealing.  It is a pretty city on the "North Coast."  Currently, land here is an undervalued resource that will soon become properly valued.

There are many and wonderful recreational opportunities here, including (just to name a few): the Marina, the Huron Sunrise Trail, a dozen City Parks, great sandy beaches for swimming and others for rock/fossil hunting.  Nearby, two wonderful State Parks: Hoeft and Thompson Harbor offer great and unique natural recreational opportunities.  The Herman Vogler Conservation area is a jewel.

The City's art and culture are alive in several great venues: the Rogers City Theater, showing both live and first run Hollywood movies; the Great Lakes Lore Maritime Museum, the Presque Isle Historically Museum, the Chamber of Commerce Summer Concert Series, and the Rogers City Band whicj performs year round at various locations.  Several new and wonderful art pieces adorn Rogers City thanks to the strong love of art in our community.

The airport offers new fueling services for transportation and recreational flying.

Promotional efforts, such as the US-23 Heritage Route and Pure Michigan campaign, have paid off--more traffic is visiting Rogers City than ever before.

In short, Rogers City has a bright future.

It has been my honor to serve the great people of this excellent community. I wish you well.