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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nature as Art

Toby Kuznicki took this picture of the Marina break wall rail after a recent storm.  It is clearly a case of nature as art.  Rogers City is an amazing place!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Shopping Destinations and Christmas Joy

Rogers City is a great place to do your last minute Christmas shopping.  Shown above is The Domaci Gallery which has many unique pieces of art.  See how brave these locals are to wear shorts in December--we don't let a little snow hold us back! 

While you are in Rogers City, check out The Painted Lady Gallery which has a wide variety of art, gifts, and toys.  While you shop, enjoy a hand-crafted flavored cappuchino, brewed by a talented local barista!  Watching your drink be prepared is part of the fun, and you never know with whom you might strike up a conversation!

You can also visit Heller's Gifts for candles and crafts from all around the world.  Don't forget to stop in the Jean's Gifts to buy a Hallmark card for the one you love.  Men, let your ladies know you love them with a card and note....

There are many other great places to shop in Rogers City, and our merchant's are always trying to please, so if you need something which is not displayed, ask them, and they will probably be able to special order it for you. 

While Christmas shopping can be fun, Christmas is not about shopping or expensive gifts.  Christmas is a gift of joy from above!

Our giving creates joy, whether we see a look of suprise and delight as someone opens a present from under the tree, or we never see a gift.  At times, when we did not have much, my wife and I gave each other an empty box "filled with love."  Christmas is a season of joy, and, once you find it, you can always find a way to share it. 

Despite the gloomy economy, at Christmas in Rogers City, I know many hearts will be bright with everlasting joy.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas from the North

Art used with permission of Debbie and All Stiller

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Story (and I'm sticking to it!)

To all my blog fans, those who have long ago stopped checking and those who still check once in a while, please accept my sincere regret for not blogging since September 2009.  My story is that, first, I was out of town to the Michigan Municipal League Annual Convention in Kalamazoo, next I was sick with flu, which turned into an allergic reaction to the antibiotics which kept me out of action for several more days, then my computer would not let me blog, specifically I could not post anything to my blog, even though I tried many times.  After exhausting my limited knowledge and going through the "help" menu, I tried to get professional help.  After various unsuccessful attempts with other "tech" gurus, Art Ross came in to my office and fixed the problem in about 30 minutes.  Thank you, Art!

Now, I am so far behind with sharing important information!  I have so much to share that it will take some time to get caught up with everything going on in the City of Rogers City.  Let me start with a quick update of the many projects going on:

     - MSHDA 2007 Facade Project is done.

     - VSCI:  The Market Study, which we called the Economic Opportunity Project is going well.  We have
        had over 100 people participate, and the final report is due out in January 2010.

     - Wayfinding Project is still in planning

     - Erie Street Water Main is done.

     - Third Street Street Lights Project is almost completed.  all the underground work is done and the light
        poles and LED lamps are scheduled for installation before Christmas 2009.

     - Senior Center Paving and Disability Access Project is done.

     - VSCI Facades are almost done; however, cold weather is delaying one masonry project until Spring

     - Michigan Main Street Associate Program is on-going.  Rogers City has been granted permission to
        remain in the program for another year.  (More on this later)

     - Rogers City Business Incubator Project is just getting started via the Alpena Regional Incubator.

There is much more to tell, but for now that is all I can post. Hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

P.S.  Tell your friends my blog is back and Rogers City is movin forward!

Back online!

We are back online, I will catch up the blog shortly.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Street Light Project

With grant funds from the Michigan State Housing Authority (MSHDA) Vibrant Small Cities Initiative (VSCI), Rogers City is finaly ready to contract to install new Light Emitting Diode (LED) street light on Third Street (our Main Street) from Ontario Street to Huron Avenue. Cordes Excavating appears to be the low qualifying bidder, based on bids recieved and publiclly opened today. The Cordes bid was $256,679.99. Beacon Procusts is manufacturing the state-of-the-art lamps and poles we Cordes will install. Fleis and VandenBrink Engineering Inc. performed the design and detailed engineering for the project. Weather permitting, the work will be done before winter.

Your comments on this project are always welcome.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Return to Blogging

Greetings! I have been off my blog for a while due to going to the Michigan Municipal League (MML) Annual Convention and then getting sick with the flu. I'm feeling better now, thank goodness!

Here is some important news for everyone:

Rogers City Water Department will be flushing the water mains between 10 pm and 7 am starting October 4, 2009 through November 5, 2009. Flushing clean out the mains, but may cause discoloration in your water.

If you have questions, please call City Hall at 734-2191.

Now, go and enjoy Rogers City High School Home Coming! Good luck Hurons!

Return to Blogging

Greetings! I've went to the Michigan Municipal League (MML) Annual Conference and promptly got sick with the flu. I've been out of action for over a week. Now, I'm back and working to "get the word" out.

Rogers City will be doing water main flushing beginning October 4, 2009 through November 5, 2009. The flushing will take place between 10:00 pm and 7:00 am to reduce the possibility of causing inconviences for you, our customers. This flushing may impact many customers with discoloration and possibly iron particles in the water. Please check the water from your tap before doing laundry, as this may reduce any staining to your clothes.

If you have questions, please call City Hall at 734-2191. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

I'll post more information on this blog about the MML Convention and other events in Rogers City soon. So, go enjoy Home Coming...go forth to victory Might Hurons!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Community Questionnaire

On September 15, 2009, Rogers City began a process to create economic opportunity. The kick-off presentation by Sharon Woods was well received by over 70 people who attended the meeting at the Senior Center. It was a great start along a long path to build a better community. To all who participated in this process: thank you!

The next meeting for our economic gowth opportunity is tentatively set for 7:00 pm, Tuesday, October 27, 2009 at the Senior Center. Carmine Avantini, Principal at LSL Planning will be the session moderator. The purpose of the meeting is to further develop how to improve our economy and create jobs in Rogers City.

So mark your calendar and bring a friend! The future is our to see!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Amendment to City Ordinance

Linked below is the text of an amendment to the City Ordinance. The purpose of the change is to protect our water supply. If you have questions or comments, please send them to me.


Recognition of Blogging

This blog was reported in the The Michigan Municipal League's magazine The Review. The September/October 2009 Edition of The Review, page 28 and 29, contains an article about blogging as a tool of local government, including my comments about my blogging experience. The article includes comments from bloggers in Auburn Hills, Coopersville, East Lansing, Jonesville, Quincy, Roscommon, and Rogers City. All agree that blogging is an excellent tool to communicate about local government, promote a community, and encourage a civil dialogue--all very much needed in our society today. It is also fun!

I hope those of you who read this blog, enjoy it and find it useful. Drop me a line anytime with your comments, suggestions, etc.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Waters Edge Restaurant & Lounge

As the season winds down into fall, don't miss your chance to visit one of the best dining experiences around Northern Michigan: The Waters Edge Restaurant & Lounge!

Hostess Ann will greet you, and the staff will serve you well. The food is great whether you like the Famous Burgers on Thursday night, Mexican Night on Wednesday, Prime rib on Friday, or the regular menu any night. Call 989-734-4747 for information or to make reservations.

Last day of their season is September 9, 2009.

Pretty Yard

Jackie Poch's yard looks great! Thank you Jackie!

Night Sky

You may not see these images with the naked eye from Rogers City, but we sure do have awesomely clear and beautiful night sky here in Rogers City. What a wonderful world!

Friday, September 4, 2009

City Council Goals

With the Economic Opportunity Project coming up at 7 pm on Tuesday, September 15, 2009, you may be interested in reviewing City Council's goals. The goals and a most recent update is at the link below:


Please feel free to make comments or suggestions.

Pure Maritime

Rogers City is the Nautical City because we are home to Great Lakes freighters, sailors, and captains going back for generations. To get a better understanding of our pure maritime heritage check out our local museums, lighthouses, ports, and coastal views (like the one above). It is a great time of year to visit the Nautical City.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Another Beautiful Yard

Used with permission of the owner...guess who?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Economic Growth Meeting

You Are Invited!

Rogers City will hold a public meeting about the future of our City. This meeting will start the process of shaping our future. If you attend, you will learn more about this project and the process. We will be talking about living and working in Rogers City and how we can make it better. Bring your family, your friends, and co-workers.
Share your vision for Rogers City and hear what others have to say.

The meeting will be lead by Ms. Sharon Woods, Principal of Land UseUSA (http://www.LandUseUSA.com)

Sharon will guide this meeting and also help lead two more public workshops in October and November 2009. The project will provide a toolbox and roadmap for economic growth. The goal is to create new local jobs and improve our quality of life.

The kick-off meeting is 7-8 pm, Tuesday, September 15, 2009 at the Rogers City Senior Center. Refershments will be provided. Please contact Mark Slown at 734-2191 if you want to attend.

Funding for this project has been made available by the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA), the Community Development Authority of Rogers City, and the City of Rogers City.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Properity Alliance

The Northeast Michigan Council of Governments (NEMCOG) has been working with People and Land (PAL) to create a local coalition to solve our economic problems. PAL believes in Six Pillars for Prosperity that I believe make sense for Michigan and, especially for our region:

1) Attractive Cities

2) Highly competitive schools and life-long learning

3) Knowledge-based technology

4) Thriving agriculture

5) Natural resources for recreation and job creation

6) Inclusive and entrepreneurial culture

Simply put, the goal of these six pillars is to make our region and state more economically successful over the long term. I think we all agree this is a worthy goal.

In the next few days, I'll try to expand on each one of these pillars, and invite you to get involved. NEMCOG, PAL, and the Prosperity Alliance are non-partisan organizations.

To learn more, copy and paste on your web browser: http:www.pal@peopleandland.org

Smart Growth

Age-friendly communities use Smart Growth principles (development that improves the community, environment, economy, and public health) to become healthier places to grow old in — and better places for people of all ages. To find out more go to:


Rogers City will be using Smart Growth principles, like the ones on this epa site, energy efficiency, and walkability to make our community a better place for everyone.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mary Malone's Yard

Another great back yard in Rogers City. Thanks Mary for helping make the town looks so great!

Great Lakes, Great Festival

Wow! Rogers City Nautical City Festival Committee did a great job. Now that the 2009 Festival is history and the results are in, we can say with certainty 2009 was the best Nautical City Festival ever!
Big thanks to all the committee members, all the community organizations, and the many volunteers that made this great event possible.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Street Light Project

The new street lights for Rogers City are coming to our main street--Third Street--this year. Unfortunately, we don't have enough funding to do the entire street. The current plan is to put the new lights from Ontario Street to Huron Avenue. This covers the heart of the traditional downtown.

There will be approximately 37 new light fixtures. Check a previous post on this blog for a diagram of this fixture and pole. The lights and poles are manufactured by Beacon Products, LLC. The lights will provide approximately the same amount of light to the sidewalk and street as the existing "cobra" lights, but the new lights will use only about half of the electricity, will shine only down not up into the sky, and have a "nautical" appearance. The cost of the project is estimated to be $380,000 for parts and installation.

Previously, the City hired Fleis and VandenBrink Engineering, Inc. to design and engineer the project. They are being paid $60,000 for their work, for a total project cost of $440,000. The City and Community Development Authority (CDA) had planned on a maximum of $450,000 for the project. The funding is from the CDA budget and Vibrant Small Cities Initiative (VSCI) grant funding. No City General Fund money will be used for this project.

If you have questions or comments about the project, please send them to me.

Yarch and Kelly Yards

Here are two really lovely and cute backyards that you can see from St. Clair Street. Thank you to the Yarch and Kelly families for making Rogers City look so wonderful!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More Great Flowers and Yards

This one is a amazing! Owned by Art and Beth Getzinger, not only do we see a wonderful yard with great flowers but also a unique house. Thanks Art and Beth!

Michigan Main Street Training

The Michigan Main Street Center has released the new schedule of Associate Level training. As a Main Street Associate, Rogers City is allowed to attend these training session at no cost. Our goal is to revitalize our downtown and to become a "Selected Level" Main Street city by 2010. We need to attend this training to reach our goal.

The training is very high quality. Local people who have attended this training include: Judy McFalda, Beach Hall, Gary Rickard, and Bill Valentine. They all commented favorably on the value and usefulness of this training. It will help businesses improve their bottomline and teach volunteers how to improve our downtown. Chamber of Commerce Members are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Here is the schedule of taining:

Main Street Basic Training

+ October 15: Niles, Wonderland Theater
+ October 21: Manistee, City Hall

Organization/Promotion 101

+ November 13: Old Town, Perspective 2
+ November 19: Clare, Doherty Hotel

Economic Restructuring/Design 101

+ January 15: Grand Haven, Community Center
+ Janurary 21: Portland, City Hall

Main Street Practice

+ February 11: Howell, Cleary's Pub
+ February 25: Boyne City, Library

These training sessions last about 5-6 hours, and depending on location may require an overnight.

I will attempt to arrange or provide transportation for anyone from our area who wants to attend. You would be responsible for your own meals and lodging, and you can ask the Community Development Authority (CDA) Board to reimburse your expenses.

You do not need to be a member of our Main Street Associate Program or of the CDA Board to participate; however, we would like you to get involved in making Rogers City's downtown a better place! There is a place for everyone in our Main Street Associate Program.

"Bridging Challenges with Positive Solutions"

I attended the Michigan Local Government Management Association (MLGMA) Summer Workshop July 28-31, 2009 in Sault Ste. Marie. I was also part of the Summer Workshop Planning Committee that put this workshop together (with a lot of help from the Michigan Municipal League (MML)). As always, MLGMA and MML do a great job pulling together the resources needed to help move Michigan forward at the local government level.

It was a valuable experience, and I will be sharing more information from the workshop over the days ahead. Today, I want to share two related pieces of information: our state's financial situation and Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grants (EECBG). These two pieces are related because the State of Michigan is in financial distress but energy efficiency may possibly help "bridge the challenge with positive solutions."

Every speaker at the workshop confirmed the financial distress at the State government level. The problem is a central focus for our elected officials in Lansing. I think they really want to solve the problem, but they have different views. Even with big cuts in spending, the State of Michigan has a large shortfall projected for this year and an even larger shortfall for next year. Unfortunately, this has a trickle down effect on every city and village in Michigan. We were told to expect a 10-20% reduction in "state revenue sharing." For Rogers City this could mean a loss of between $25,000 to $50,000 of revenue for this fiscal year, and more next year. If this happens, it will be very difficult for us to find cuts in expenses to off set this revenue cut. City staff will begin thinking about this problem at staff meeting on Wednesday.

One possible solution is to save money through energy efficiency and conservation. There may be grants available to help us save operational costs to heat and light the city. The grants are "no match," which means we could actually afford to do them. Because the City has a low fund balance now, we can not afford to do the traditional "dollar-for-dollar" grants. However, we may be able to do EECBGs if they, in fact, do not require a local "match." The application forms for these EECBGs have not been released yet, so we do not know for sure what they will require. However, EECBGs might help us save enough to off set some of the state cuts in revenue sharing.

Also, these EECBGs potentially could be used as examples of energy efficiency and conservation that could be used by commercial businesses and residential owners to save energy. The idea is to create an energy efficiency strategy that can be expanded to include the entire community. If you are interested in helping Rogers City become a "Green Community," please let me know.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sara Maher's Backyard

Drive down Lake Street and stop and enjoy Sara's garden. Sara was out tending her yard and gave me permission to use this picture. If you would like to show off your flowers and gardens, please send me an email with a picture attached, or call me and I'll stop by to take a picture. Rogers City gardens and yards are looking great!

Fishing Success

The following is quoted from David Smrchek: Thanks to all of you for the part you played in making the HBAAA GLFT Family Day a success. I have received many complements on the day. A few more Tournament boats and a little less rain in the afternoon/evening would have helped, but for the most part we had a fine day. Each of you helped to make this event a success. We had 50 kids weigh in fish. The youngest fisherman was 18 months old and we had a fisherman from Georgia. Those of you who had the other displays and activitries have a better idea how many kids you saw than I do. I hope it was worth your time to be a part of the day. I apologize for not getting around to thank each of you personally. Please put a tentative save on the last Saturday in July 2010 so we can do this again next year.

Check this weeks Advance/Outlook for an article and pictures about the day and the Alpena News for an article on the Tournament. Attached are the Tournamenmt results. I think we beat Alpena's biggest Brown Trout and maybe Chinook Salmon. Who says there's no fish in Lake Huron?

Thanks again for all of your help and moral support. Please give me any suggestions you have to make this a better day for everyone next year. Dave


I'd like to thank Dave and all the wonderful people of the HBAAA! You are the best!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Beautiful Homes and Yards

Here is the first of many lovely homes and yards that I'm going to display for your enjoyment. This is Robby Vogelheim's front porch. If you would like to see your home or yard shown here, please send me an email with the picture file attached. These pictures will give people who live in other communities an idea of our lovely city. We enjoy a unique and beautiful place.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nautical City Festival Soon!

Big Festival, Big Fun! Whatever you do, don't miss it!
Thank you, Festival Committee, for the pretty new sign. Also, thank you, Ted Urban, for putting in the grass and flowers.
The town is looking great. In this blog, in the days ahead you will see pictures of some, just a few, of the lovely yards and landscapping in Rogers City.
Enjoy the summer!

Freighter Loading

Here is a great aerial shot of the deep water Port of Calcite in Rogers City. This is one reason Rogers City is a great location for the future! Our largest commercial production operation, Carmeuse Lime and Stone provides highest quality limestone to the rest of North America at reasonable prices thanks to Great Lakes shipping. Limestone stocks from this mine are predicted to last 100 years or more. Visit "Harbor View" to watch Great Lakes freighters load limestone, see our beautiful small city, and learn about one hundred years of maritime history at our local museums.
Photo: courtesy of Ed Lamb

Monday, July 20, 2009

Buy Michigan Week

Governor Granholm has declared July 27-August 2, 2009 as "Buy Michigan Week."

Buying Michigan products will help to make our economy stronger, so buy Michigan and buy local too! Shopping in Rogers City will help our local merchants to improve the availability of products and services available to you, over time. I know shopping decisions are very personal, and I'm not suggestion to take the idea to extremes; however, if you do keep the idea of local purchase in mind when making your decisions about what and where to buy, then you are doing everything anyone could reasonably ask.

Oh, one more great reason to buy Michigan: home grown strawberries, blue berries, apples, cherries, peaches, and more! Enjoy God's natural bounty!

For some great posters and more information about this subject, check out:


Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Street Lights Coming to Main Street

The Community Development Authority (CDA) and City Council have decided on a new street light style for Rogers City. Below is a link showing this product, made by Beacon, Inc.:


Improving our downtown street lighting is part of the effort to revitalize our downtown and become a selected main street community. Currently, Rogers City is listed as a Main Street Associate. If you want to get involved or to find out more about this project, please contact me.

Coral Fossil Park

Come to a fossil dig at our new Coral Fossil Park, located in Little League Park. Carmeuse Lime and Stone has generously donated several truck loads of fossil rich clay. Our area is blessed with an abundance of coral fossils that are millions of years old and very beautiful! Collect a pocket full and create some family memories that you won't forget!

The Coral Fossil Park site is between the consession stand and the southeastern baseball field, only a couple hundred feet from the South Trail Head of the Huron Sunrise Trail. The fossil park site is marked with a kiosk.

"Paleo Joe" will lead a fossil dig and teach us about the types of fossils in the Rogers City area. Paleo Joe's visit is sponsored by the Presque Isle District Library and is part of the 2009 Nautical City Festival. The fossil dig at the Coral Fossil Park is scheduled for 4-7 pm on Friday,
August 7, 2009.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

All-Night Baseball

Rogers City hosted our annual all-night baseball tournament in Sports Park on July 10, 2009.
One of seven area teams that participated, Boyne City/Charlevoix won the tourmament!

DEQ Coastal Zone Management Newsletter

Here is the most recent edition of the Michigan's Department of Environmental Quality Coastal Zone Management (CZM) Summer newsletter:


Rogers City is using a grant from Coastal Zone Management to revise our zoning ordinance. We hope to see improvements in the quality of our wonderful Lake Huron waterfront areas through close cooperation with CZM. There are many ways the redidents of rogers city benefit from improvements along the lake, including increased tourism, more investment, and better quality of life. Rogers City salutes the Coastal Zone Management staff for their great work protecting our Great Lakes!

Friday, July 10, 2009


This photo shows world famous walkability expert Dan Burden with a group of citizens who participated in a Walkability Audit for Rogers City. Walkability may be defined as making a community infrastructure focus on people (pedestrians) as much as automobiles in city design decisions. Walkability is a means to improve the social and economic capital in the community because walkability attracts people to a community. Mr. Burden gave us many ideas and a lot to think about when making future decisions about the design of our city. Everyone in the group agreed that we learned a many things and were suprised by many of the ideas he presented. Some of the ideas will be more difficult and more costly to implement than others. For example, the width of bike lanes can be adjust for the cost of paint, but the cost to relocate a street curb is higher. However, we must make sound design decisions if we hope to see Rogers City prosper.

Pictured from left to right are: Scott Campbell, Brian Wagner, Jim Hopp, Nico Tucker, Kevin Scheadig, Mike Modrzyinski, Dan Burden, Del Conley, Roger Wenzel, Mark Slown, Jamie Huber, Matt Quaine, and Rocky DeRoque. Angie Asam and Cindy Krupp participated in the event, but are not pictured here. There will be more information coming on the results of this walkability event! My thanks to Laurel Gikas, owner of the Pavilion Grill, for making us a great lunch.
Also, thank you to the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) for making this opportunity possible for Rogers City.
Watch for a program/presentation on cable TV about Walkability. The more you know....

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Quilting Tradition

This quilt was on display during Michigan Week at Lowry's Books in Sturgis. The quilt is by Margie Metzger. Rogers City shares a tradition of quilting too. If anyone in Rogers City has a unique or historic quilt and would be willing to loan it to Rogers City for a six months or a year, I can arrange to have it displayed at City Hall for the public to view. We value our heritage and local crafts persons and artisans, and we want to celebrate and remember these achievements.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Economic Rescue of Northeast Michigan

On June 11, 2009, a group of energetic business leaders gathered at the Garland Resort to discuss how to rescue Northeast Michigan from economic collapse. Unemployment is running above 20%. Some businesses have failed and others are failing. Many people lack skills and training to fill available jobs. The job market is constantly changing, demanding new skills. Home prices are dropping, credit is difficult, and many people are affraid to spend or don't have money to spend. Education and infrastructure investments take time to effect positive change, and only a small amount of these needs are able to find state or federal funding.

The group felt that there are many problems, but only two or at most three big problems can be fixed at one time. It was also agreed that government (all levels) probably won't solve the problems without direction from the public and business community. The business community has lead our country out of problems in the past, and it can be the spark to get us going again!

If your business is struggling, if you are currently unemployed, if your business skills are not being used to full potential, if you think we (Michigan) can do better, then we need you!

Yes, we (Michigan) need you!

To help solve this mess, go to HTTPS://janus.pscinc.com/NEMCOG

At this online location, you will find a survey taking no more than 20 minutes of your time.

With this information, we can help make a realistic plan. If you have questions, want to get involved, or wish to make a comment, please contact, Diane Rekowski, NEMCOG Executive Director, at 989-732-3551 ext 12, or drekowski@nemcog.org

Family Fun Day Big Hit

Rogers City had big fun at Family Fun Day! A large turn out brought well over 1,000 visitors to our city of 3,322 residents on the lovely shores of Lake Huron. The Chamber of Commerce did a superb job, as always, and there were plenty of activities for young and old alike. The weather was wonderful too.

At 2 and 3 pm, at the City Band Shell, a group of about 12 young people, called the Silent Singers, sponsored by Paul and Sally Warwick, performed inspirational songs using sign language. They did an amazing and inspirational job!

Starting at 7 pm, Chasin Steel, performed accoustical favorities for nearly three hours!

Of course, all the traditional fun activities such as giant slides, face painting, and balloons were available for the kids. The Fire Department was out in force, showing off some of their new equipment.

Noble Morris brought out his Hot Dog Wagon, and along with long-time RC favorites the Kiwanis Fish Shack and The Pavilion Grill (yum, all the greek flavor) there was no lack for great food. As with all family fun, day quickly faded to evening, and then the fire works began!

It has been reported that this was the BEST EVER fireworks, thanks to generous gifts from Careuse Lime and Stone and other sponsors.

Thanks to the Rogers City Area Chamber of Commerce, all the sponsors, and all the great folks who made this event a big success!

Watch for posts of photos and video clips from Family Fun Day, right here on my blog.

If you liked Family Fun Day, come to the Nautical City Festival, Aug 4-9, 2009. This year's Nautical City Festival is going to be an unforgetable experience!

Marina Gets Great Comments in MerchantCircle

Below are positive comments about Rogers City found in MerchantCircle:

Dear City of Rogers City Boat Harbor,

Congratulations! A local customer reviewed your Rogers City business. This review appears on your MerchantCircle business listing and lets potential customers know what others think of your product and services.

Great Harbor with Friendly Staff:
I was on my way up to Mackinaw Island with my family and planned on stopping at Presque Isle. Some googling of that area made me realize there was nothing to do in that city. So I put forth the extra effort to arrive at the Rogers City Marina. I was greeted by two nice dockhands as soon as I entered, both catching my lines to tie up. When I asked them where the best food was around town, they listed almost anything I wanted: Chinese, Diner, or just a sit down restaurant, and also offered to drive us in their courtesy car (a retired cop car, but still nice). We explored the town as far as we could and went bowling at the alley attached to the restaurant we ate at. Overall, a well-rounded stop on land before we were back on deck. I plan to stop there whenever I pass, and I recommend any other boaters looking for an alternative to Presque Isle to pull into the Rogers City Marina.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Design Committee Meeting

Monday, July 6, 2009 at 7:00 pm is the next meeting of the Rogers City Community Development Authority (CDA) Main Street Design Committee. The Design Committee has been working for months to obtain new energy efficient Street Lights for downtown Rogers City. During this meeting, the committee will determine its recommendations about these lights to send to the City Council and the CDA Board. This meeting will literally put a new light on our town for years to come. Come to the meeting, help us make the right decision, and we'll all see the light!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Foreclosure Help for Homeowners

Please check out the contents of this link for help with a foreclosure.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Friday, June 19, 2009

Sunrise on Lakeside Park

More great reasons to love Rogers City

Little League

Rogers City is a great place in so many ways! Our Little League is one example; it is as American as it gets. Above is a picture from our opening day parade. My thanks to Peter Jackey from the Presque Isle Advance for taking the picture and allowing me to show it here.
Our Little League will rekindle your faith in America. It is a joy to see all the kids and their parents lined up for the opening day ceremony, and to hear the game sounds drifting on a warm summer breeze....
We have over 200 youngsters participating this year from ages 5 - 16. Team divisions include both boys baseball and girls softball in the:

1. Rookie League, ages 5-7
2. Minor League, ages 8-10
3. Major League, ages 11-12
4. Junior League, ages 13-14
5. Senior League, ages 15-16

The League is chartered for Rogers City and Posen areas, and it is governed by a Board of Directors. The current president is Eric Brege, who is doing an outstanding job. My thanks, on behalf of all our citizens, to Mr. Brege and the entire Board of Directors, and all the volunteers, and parents who make this wonderful experience possible.

The league plays against other leagues during the season to include, Alpena, Hillman, Onaway, Cheboygan, Petoskey, Indian River, Rudyard and Pellston.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Downtown Economic Study

As part of the Vibrant Small Cities Intiative, Rogers City won grant funding to help pay for an economic study of the downtown. The purpose of the study is to: "provide a comprehensive examination, analysis, vision, goals, and implementation plan for a public/private initiative to revitalize the Rogers City downtown district."

This "study" is really a process to help our community to move forward. To understand how the process works and your important role in it, please review the request for qualifications (RFQ) linked below. The RFQ is for professional consultants and provides them a fair means to compete for this important work; however, it is also for you as citizens to understand what is being done, why, and how you can participate.


The City has sent this RFQ out to about a dozen companies, and statements of qualifications (SOQ) are due back to the City at 2 pm on July 8, 2009. The Community Development Authority (CDA) and the City Council are looking for the best consultant to accomplish the project as described in the RFQ.

There will be several opportunities for you, as citizens of our community, to become involved in the process of making our community a vibrant small city.

Mr. Bill Valentine wrote the initial draft RFQ, and I want to publically express my thanks for his work. Many other people and groups in the community from the Chamber of Commerce, the Promotions Committee, the Design Committee, the CDA, the City Council, City Staff, and individual citizens like Rachel Goodstein, Cheryl Peters, Judy McFalda, and Mary Ann Heidemann helped to craft this RFQ.

Please, review this RFQ and begin to think about the process. It is fair to say that we all want to make Rogers City a vibrant place once again.

Walkability Audit with Dan Burden

Rogers City is scheduled to obtain a free Walkability Audit from word famous walkability expert Ban Burden. Mr. Burden has written several books on making communities pedestrian friendly, and has investigated the pedestrian friendliness of thousands of communities around the world. He will bring his special knowledge and expertice to Rogers City on July 10, 2009. Below is a tentative Itninerary for his visit:


The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is coordinating and sponsoring this event. The general public is welcome to participate and help make Rogers City a better place to "walk around." I strongly encourage your participation in this opportunity to make Rogers City a better community. If you will be unavailable on July 10, 2009, please send me your comments and suggestions.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

More on Cocktail Cruise

MATT SCHOCH of the Times Herald has a great article in the June 10, 2009 addition of the Times Herald. Portions of the article are copied below. You can see the entire article at
Here is some of what Mr Schoch had to say:

Detroit's Bob Cowles has a solution for those who like the idea of sailing north on Lake Huron this July but aren't so crazy about the choppy water and sleepless nights.
Cowles is organizing the Cocktail Cruising Race with three nights of stops before the finish line in Rogers City in conjunction with the Port Huron-to-Mackinac Island Sailboat Race.
Cruisers will take off before the Mackinac boats July 25 from north of the Blue Water Bridge in Lake Huron....

Cowles said there are others like him who love to sail but don't want the strain of the nonstop, 298-statute-mile race to Mackinac Island....

The cocktail cruise winners will be recognized at the Bayview Yacht Club awards ceremony in the fall along with winners of the Mackinac race classes.

Mackinac Race Chairman Frank Kern said it is exciting to have the cruisers as part of the festivities. However, he warns not to get the Cruising Race confused with the Cruising Class, the lowest class of boats in the Mackinac Race.

"They're just doing it their way. Bayview (Yacht Club, the Mackinac race organizer) has always wanted to promote sailing. That's what we do," Kern said. "We're hoping if they see all the other things go on, with the pageantry in Port Huron and everything, they are more interested in our race as well."

Cowles said since the race has been announced, he has heard from officials in a couple of the cities planned as stops, including the mayor of Rogers City. "They're looking forward to it, and they're going to make some arrangements for us," Cowles said. "They're very anxious to have us come." Cowles expects about 10 to 15 boats to participate.

Thanks to the Herald Times for covering this great story.

As City Manager, I welcome our guests! Thank you, Mr. Cowles for starting up this fun event.

Rogers City's Harbor Advisory Committee, the City Council, the Mayor, The Chamber of Commerce, and the entire business community hope to make the Cruisers' stay memorable. Rogers City has a lot to offer our guests, including a first rate Marina, an increasingly vibrant historic downtown district, beautiful and extensive trails and parks, and many wonderful natural resources. We hope this Cocktail Cruise will become a annual event.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Downtown Economic Study

Attached is a final draft Request for Proposals (RFQ) for a Downtown Economic Study for the City of Rogers City. This RFQ will be issued very soon; however, there is still a period of time for comments and suggestions.

Here is the file:

Send your comments and suggestions to me at mslown@rogerscity.com

Nautical City Festival Brochure

The 2009 Nautical City Festival Brochure is available at City Hall and at the Rogers City Area Chamber of Commerce. This looks like the Best Festival Ever!

You call also check out all the latest info at the Festival Website:


Monday, June 1, 2009

Cocktail Cruise Headed to Rogers City

The Annual Huron to Mackinac boat race is coming to our neighborhood! Acording to the Detroit Free Press, "The Cocktail Cruise is to start at the regular Mackinac starting line at 10 a.m. July 25 -- one hour before the start of the other Mackinac race.

They'll sail to Harbor Beach the first night, stopping in Harrisville the next night, Presque Isle on July 27 and finishing at Rogers City on July 28, adding up their times for each day's sail." To read the full story go to:


Rogers City is excited that these boaters decided to visit here. We'll do our best to show them a "Great RC Welcome" (More to follow).

Boaters who visit Rogers City will discover that our Marina is a wonderful place to stay for a season of great boating or just stop for the night enroute to distant shores.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer Concert Series

This year the Rogers City Area Chamber of Commerce is managing the Rogers City Summer Concert Series. Dave Snow, Executive Director for the Chamber of Commerce, has put a lot of time and effort into making this year a great season for the Concert Series. The schedule is at


Enjoy the free concerts! Don't forget to thanks Dave!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Great Lakes Restoration

The following is testimony from EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson on Accelerated Great Lakes Restoration:

"The Great Lakes Basin is a national resource treasure that is home to 34 million people in the U.S. and Canada. It holds 20 percent of the world’s fresh surface water, has 10,000 miles of coastline, and contains a diverse array of biological communities. EPA’s FY 2010 budget requests $475 million for Great Lakes restoration programs and projects that strategically target the most significant problems in the region, such as aquatic invasive species, nonpoint source pollution, toxics in sediment, and habitat and species loss. This restoration effort represents the federal government’s commitment to significantly advance Great Lakes protection. The Great Lakes Initiative will use outcome-oriented performance goals and measures to target the most significant problems and track progress in addressing them. EPA and its Federal partners will coordinate state, local, tribal, and industry actions to protect, maintain, and restore the chemical, biological, and physical integrity of the Great Lakes."

Obviously, the preservation and restoration of the Great Lakes is of utmost importance to Rogers City. This is an important issue for Rogers City residents to follow and provide input on. Who knows better than we do about what issues are important and how they should be handled.
We definately want to see increased success in bringing the fishing back to previous levels. There are other issues like millfoil removal (and other invassive species) and lake level that are critical. At the same time, we need to use the Great Lakes for commerce and economic development. Rogerc City could be a major center for Great Lakes shipping; however, it must be done in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. Kudos to EPA for working on this important subject.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Arts and Crafts Are Here!

Local Artist Debbie Stiller sent in the following:

You're Invited to my first show of the season !

"An Afternoon of Arts & Crafts" now in it's 5th year, is held in Presque Isle County's Lighthouse Park.

Memorial day Week-end is the Annual Open House Week-end at 40 Mile Point Lighthouse. A great family setting offering visitors a chance to step back in time as you climb the Lighthouse tower, tour the Museum, step aboard the restored Calcite pilothouse or visit the shipwreck on the beach.

You will also have the opportunity to enjoy the work of many talented Artists, Musicians and Crafts people from all over Michigan and Canada. This Memorial Day Event has it all, Art & History!

Light refreshments will be served in the Fog Signal building. Admission is free.

Our RC Kiwanis Club will be on site with their New Fish Shack, serving their famous whitefish sandwiches and other hot lunch items!

This event is sponsored by the 40 Mile Point Lighthouse Society.

You might visit the web-site if you have a moment 40milepointlighthouse.org and check it out.

"An Afternoon of Arts & Crafts"
Memorial Day Week-end
Open House
Sat & Sun May 23rd & 24th
10am - 4pm
40 Mile Point Lighthouse
7 mi. N of Rogers City on US 23

Special Event:
The New Segment of the Huron-Sunrise Trail is to be Dedicated May 23
The two-mile segment from Hoeft State Park to the Forty Mile Point Lighthouse will be dedicated
Saturday, May 23 at 10 am in a ceremony at the Lighthouse.
Afterwards participants may bike the trail and attend the Open House and Craft Show.

...hope to see you there!

Debbie Stiller

Friday, May 8, 2009

This is a Great Community

Cheryl Peters from MSU Extension sent me the following:

Carmeuse Lime & Stone graciously donated a 30-second advertisement spot on True North Radio Network (99.9 The Wave) to MSU Extension. The final advertisement is attached in an mp3 file. MSUE highlighted the 4-H summer recreation program held at the Lakeside Park Pavilion this summer. The radio ad starting airing yesterday and will run every Wednesday for 12 weeks (the entire run of the summer rec program).

Our office already sent a letter of appreciation to Joe Chevreaux at Carmeuse Lime & Stone for the incredible donation, but if you have a chance, you might mention how kind that was for their business to donate air time to a local non-profit. The offer was unsolicited and a great surprise.

I also got a plug in to thank the support of the Presque Isle County Board of Commissioners who support this program for our youth by paying the wages of 7 workers for 6 weeks and this year have pitched in the financial support to bus Onaway area youth for 3 of the 6 weeks of the summer program.

Thanks for your continued support of MSUE in Presque Isle County.

Cheryl Peters, Director

We live in a wonderful community!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

May is Sustainability Month

Here is news from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA):

EPA Celebrates May as Sustainability Month
Contact: Suzanne Ackerman, 202-564-4355 / 7819 / ackerman.suzanne@epa.gov

(Washington, D.C. -- May 6, 2009) EPA scientists will celebrate Sustainability Month, part of the Year of Science 2009, by connecting with the public through blogs, podcasts and demonstrations of the importance of sustainability in our communities. The Year of Science 2009 was created by the Coalition on the Public Understanding of Science (COPUS) to engage the public in science by showing why science matters in their communities and everyday lives.

Sustainability is defined internationally as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. For the U.S. EPA, this includes conserving natural resources by using alternative renewable energy sources, recycling used materials into new products, and finding alternative to toxics used in manufacturing or products that could pollute the environment.

“Sustainability Month is a great opportunity for EPA scientists to share their knowledge and commitment on how to better conserve and reuse valuable natural resources with the public, and to hear from citizens their ideas for a sustainable future,” said Lek Kadeli, acting assistant administrator of EPA’s Office of Research and Development. “We’re going to keep the momentum from Earth Day going with lots of activities, particularly ones that will engage children and encourage them to study science.”

May activities:
Science of sustainability photo project on Flickr: http://www.epa.gov/yearofscience/sustain_photo.htm
EPA scientists including Dr. Alan Hecht will blog on sustainability on Greenversations under Science Wednesday: http://blog.epa.gov/blog/category/sciencewednesday/ and http://www.yearofscience2009.org/themes_sustainability/celebrate/
On May 8, EPA staff will give hands on science demonstrations for Math and Science Day at the Maryland Six Flags Amusement Park. Staff will also microblog at the event: http://twitter.com/greenversations
Dr. Diane Bauer of EPA will be featured on “Meet the Scientist” on COPUS Year of Science Web site: http://www.yearofscience2009.org/themes_sustainability/meet-scientists
On May 18, EPA will host a science of biofuels session at the American Institute of Biological Sciences
EPA podcasts on science issues: http://es.epa.gov/ncer/multimedia.html
On May 19, research staff will microblog from the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair http://twitter.com/greenversations

More information on the EPA Year of Science: http://www.epa.gov/yearofscience More information on COPUS and The Year of Science 2009: http://www.yearofscience2009.org

My blog comments follow: The EPA is doing good work, and City of Rogers City staff members are working hard too, using this international definition of sustainability to make our community sustainable for the future. What responsible person would not try to make their world and their achivements long-lasting, even permanent, if possible? I am passionate about sustainability and will do everything in my power to make sure that Rogers City behaves responsibly toward future generations.

However, when you are having trouble putting food on your table, then a factor of needs kicks in.
People who have lost their jobs and homes do not have the luxury of worrying about the next decade or century. Unfortunately, there are an increasing number of people facing these difficulties in our community, in Michigan, in America, and around the world. Our City budget is so tight we do have funds to make progress in sustainability.

New science, technology deployment, and ethical idea implementation are important. Forward progress is good, but sometimes you have to stop and assess where you are in order to better understand where you should be going. That is part of sustainability too.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hot Topic

The Michigan Municipal League (MML) is a great partner to local cities and villages, like Rogers City. MML staff work smart and long to find ways to build: "Better Communities. Better Michigan." Recently, MML staff challenged their Facebook Fans and MML members to tell MML what is the hot topic. Here is their report:

We took your community pulse & the results are in! We challenged our Facebook Fans and Group Members to tell us what would make life in their community better with the promise to report back on the most talked about issue. The results are in and we have reached a consensus for our Facebook challenge! Congratulations and thanks to each of you who contributed to the discussion, and to those who took the time to read the posts.

The winning issue is: Vibrant Downtowns. Vibrant downtowns summarizes your demand for culturally diverse, walkable downtowns with restaurants, stores, and housing options in close proximity to where you live, learn, work and play.

Those who participated in the discussion were entered into a drawing for a $30 gas card—congratulations to Lauren Leeds—you are the winner!

Developing ways to create and encourage vibrant downtowns is a major purpose and passion behind our work at the League, and it's a topic I am excited to report back to you on in the next few weeks.

Make it a great day! -Andrea Messinger

Thanks Andrea and all the staff at MML for helping to make Michigan Better, and our community too. We believe in the importance of a vibrant downtown in Rogers City! If you want to help, or become a Facebook fan of Rogers City--please let me know.

Monday, May 4, 2009

From the Rogers City Area Chamber of Commerce:

1.) Please join Bill and Barb Vansteenis from the Black Bear Cafe as they sponsor the Nauti Kruzers "Cabin Fever" Car Show. The Show will take place on Saturday, May 16th at the Mariners Mall in downtown Rogers City. Times are from 11:00 am until 4:00 pm. Registration is from 10:00 am to 12 noon. Pre-registration before May 9th is only $10.00 and registration on the day of the show is $13.00. All makes and models are welcome. Trophies will be awarded at 3:00 pm. Lunch will be available at the Black Bear Cafe for purchase.

2.) The Chamber will sponsor our annual Spring Festival which includes City-wide garage sales and an Arts & Crafts Show and Downtown Sale Days. We would like our area businesses to start to plan and think about special sales, service and product promotions, or other special incentives that you could offer your customers. The garage sales and craft show will bring many shoppers into our community. The craft show is now a two day event which is designed to encourage craft show participants to visit our community. The garage sales are scheduled for June 12 the and 13th. The Craft Show at Westminster Park is scheduled for June 13th and 14th. Times are from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm for both events. If your business would like to appear on our garage sale map the cost is only $12.00. We anticipate printing and distributing 1200 maps. The maps designate the location of all the City-wide garage sales. This is a very inexpensive way to advertise.

3.) There will be a National Day of Prayer Community Gathering at the County Courthouse on Thursday, May 7th from 12:15 pm until 12:45 pm. The Ministerial Association reminds us that all are welcome to verbally or silently participate in this public gathering to pray for our nation, our State, and our community and all our leaders. Please take into consideration requests by any employees who might want to spend a lunch break at the Courthouse to participate. Thank You!

David M. Snow, Executive Director
Rogers City Area Chamber of Commerce, 292 S Bradley Highway, Rogers City, MI 49779

(989) 734-2535 , (800) 622-4148

The Fishing is Great

Area Fishing Looking Up!

This news was published in the Presque Isle County Economic Development Newsletter.

"Steelhead planting in the Ocqueoc River is certainly good news for Presque Isle County fishermen and visiting sportsmen. Recently the Ocqueoc River received 22,000 eight-inch steelhead planted by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Fisheries Division. With the aid of Hammond Bay Area Anglers Association members, the fish were able to make their way out to Lake Huron without interference from cormorants. The fish will return to spawn in the Ocqueoc and Trout rivers in three years. This year healthy fish have been taken along 20 miles of the Ocqueoc River. Improvements continue to be made on the river, especially from the second weir near the Ocqueoc Outdoor Center to Lake Huron. Outfitters and canoe livery services are available in the area for hunters, fishermen, canoes and kayaks."

Come to Rogers City to find premier outdoor sports activity, including great fishing.

Travel Michigan

Rogers City is mentioned on the Travel Michigan web site! The following is an excerpt from the Travel Michigan website www.michigan.org

"You don't need your car to cruise a 10-mile stretch of Michigan's Sunrise Coastal Highway Heritage Route tracing US-23 along the Lake Huron shore. From Rogers City to P.H. Hoeft State Park , the new Huron Sunrise Trail provides a smooth paved pathway for bicycles, pedestrians and inline skaters. After winding out of Rogers City park and marina, the trail never strays more than a few feet from the broad, sandy beach. In the 300-acre preserve, the state has linked the Huron Sunrise Trails with its own new, paved trails that slices through the forest to P.H. Hoeft's quiet beach and campground."

What they don't say is that a new leg of the trail is almost complete from Hoeft State Park to 40 Mile Point Light House. This new leg of the Huron Sunrise Trail will be open this summer.

Rogers City is a great place to live, to work, and to play!

Nature Classes

If you are interested in nature in Michigan, check out these classes offered by the University of Michigan--great stuff!


Parks and Recreation Survey

Please check out the Parks and Recreation Servey on this web site. We need your comments and idead to make our city better! Please fill out a survey and turn it in! Thanks.


Today's environmental tip: Get the lead out! If you're doing work on an older home or school building, be sure to follow lead-safe work practices. Contain the work area and keep kids and pets away. Minimize dust. And clean up thoroughly. Lead is harmful to adults and children, and common renovation jobs like sanding, cutting, or demolition can create lead dust and chips. More information: http://www.epa.gov/lead/pubs/renovation.htm Podcast: http://www.epa.gov/earthday/podcasts

As a home renovation hobbyist, I can say with assurance, this is a good tip. Tearing out old insulation, wallboard, or scrapping old paint can be hazardous. I wear either a dust mask or a respirator, depending on the extent of the work and ventilation of the space. Also, eye protection is needed. Have fun, but be safe!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Michigan Recovery

On Friday, April 24, 2009, Mayor Beach Hall, Council Member Gary Nowak, and I had an opportunity in Alpena to hear Governor Jennifer Granholm speak about Michigan's economic recovery. It was a dynamic talk; our Governor demonstrated that she is working to make a difference. As you may know, I subscribe to the International City Manager's Association (ICMA) Code of Ethics (which is available online and in my office, if you would like to see it). I am completely non-partisan, so please don't take my statement as an endorsement. I'm confident leaders on both sides of the political divide are working to make things better, and I thank them all.

But, now, I am more confident than ever that Michigan will experience an economic recovery. Nobody knows the exact timing, but we do have hope. To find out more about specific programs, go to www.Michigan.gov\recovery

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring Pick Up

The Department of Public Works will conduct annual Spring pick up as follows:

7 am on April 27, 2009: Leave will be picked up at curb side

7 am on April 28, 2009: Brush in bundles will be picked up curb side

EPA Tip O' The Day!

Today's environmental tip: Don't be a drip - fix that leak! Leaky faucets can waste thousands of gallons of water each year, like money down the drain. Repair or replace old or damaged fixtures. If you're not sure you have a leak, check the water meter before and after a two-hour period when no water is being used. If the meter does not read exactly the same, you probably have a leak. More information: http://www.epa.gov/watersense/water/simple.htm Podcast: http://www.epa.gov/earthday/podcasts

This is a really good tip! Not only because of the reasons mentioned above but also because the home water leaks may cause water damage to your home, may cause health hazards, and attract pests. You may want a licensed plumber to do the job right. So, don't delay, fix the leak today.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Fishing Tournament, July 25, 2009

If you follow this blog, then you know that, on July 25th, the Hammond Bay Area Angler's Association (HBAAA) 3rd Annual Fishing Tournament is coming to Rogers City.

This is a great fishing tournament, run by pros who know how to do it right. There will be a $25,000 top prize (please see the flyer below for details and restrictions).

Visit Rogers City for a great fishing experience, and learn more about this great event at the link below.


Thanks to Service Clubs and Businesses Who Care

Here is a big thank you to the Service Clubs (Like Kiwanis and the Masons) and Businesses (Like Calcite Credit Union) who care enough to "Adopt a Highway." The great local organizations make our community look nice and prove that we care about our environment. If you, or an organization you represent, are interested in helping with "Adopt a Highway," then please let me know.

Again, thank you to those dedicated people who care!

EPA Tip: Energy Star

Today's environmental tip: Make your home an Energy Star! When you do home maintenance, also do a home energy audit to find out how you can save money by making your home more energy efficiency. And if every American home replaced just one conventional light bulb with a compact fluorescent light bulb, we would save enough energy to light more than 3 million homes a year. More information: http://www.energystar.gov/homeimprovement Podcast: http://www.epa.gov/earthday/podcasts

Climate Change

The following was published by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):

EPA Finds Greenhouse Gases Pose Threat to Public Health, Welfare

Proposed Finding Comes in Response to 2007 Supreme Court Ruling

Contact: Cathy Milbourn, 202-564-4355 / 7849 / milbourn.cathy@epa.gov

(Washington, D.C. – April 17, 2009) After a thorough scientific review ordered in 2007 by the U.S. Supreme Court, the Environmental Protection Agency issued a proposed finding Friday that greenhouse gases contribute to air pollution that may endanger public health or welfare.

The proposed finding, which now moves to a public comment period, identified six greenhouse gases that pose a potential threat.

“This finding confirms that greenhouse gas pollution is a serious problem now and for future generations. Fortunately, it follows President Obama’s call for a low carbon economy and strong leadership in Congress on clean energy and climate legislation,” said Administrator Lisa P. Jackson. “This pollution problem has a solution – one that will create millions of green jobs and end our country’s dependence on foreign oil.”

As the proposed endangerment finding states, “In both magnitude and probability, climate change is an enormous problem. The greenhouse gases that are responsible for it endanger public health and welfare within the meaning of the Clean Air Act.”

EPA’s proposed endangerment finding is based on rigorous, peer-reviewed scientific analysis of six gases – carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, hydrofluorocarbons, perfluorocarbons and sulfur hexafluoride – that have been the subject of intensive analysis by scientists around the world. The science clearly shows that concentrations of these gases are at unprecedented levels as a result of human emissions, and these high levels are very likely the cause of the increase in average temperatures and other changes in our climate.

The scientific analysis also confirms that climate change impacts human health in several ways. Findings from a recent EPA study titled “Assessment of the Impacts of Global Change on Regional U.S. Air Quality: A Synthesis of Climate Change Impacts on Ground-Level Ozone,” for example, suggest that climate change may lead to higher concentrations of ground-level ozone, a harmful pollutant. Additional impacts of climate change include, but are not limited to:

· increased drought;
· more heavy downpours and flooding;
· more frequent and intense heat waves and wildfires;
· greater sea level rise;
· more intense storms; and
· harm to water resources, agriculture, wildlife and ecosystems.

In proposing the finding, Administrator Jackson also took into account the disproportionate impact climate change has on the health of certain segments of the population, such as the poor, the very young, the elderly, those already in poor health, the disabled, those living alone and/or indigenous populations dependent on one or a few resources.

In addition to threatening human health, the analysis finds that climate change also has serious national security implications. Consistent with this proposed finding, in 2007, 11 retired U.S. generals and admirals signed a report from the Center for a New American Security stating that climate change “presents significant national security challenges for the United States.” Escalating violence in destabilized regions can be incited and fomented by an increasing scarcity of resources – including water. This lack of resources, driven by climate change patterns, then drives massive migration to more stabilized regions of the world.

The proposed endangerment finding now enters the public comment period, which is the next step in the deliberative process EPA must undertake before issuing final findings. Today’s proposed finding does not include any proposed regulations. Before taking any steps to reduce greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act, EPA would conduct an appropriate process and consider stakeholder input. Notwithstanding this required regulatory process, both President Obama and Administrator Jackson have repeatedly indicated their preference for comprehensive legislation to address this issue and create the framework for a clean energy economy.

More information: http://epa.gov/climatechange/endangerment.html

My thoughts: Regardless of your or my thoughts about climate change, the U.S. Supreme Court and the EPA have made significant findings, as mentioned above. The timing and details of actions are yet to be revealed; however, it seems certain there will be pressure for federal action on greenhouse gases. Our Representative Bart Stupak, First Congressional District, U.S. House of Representative, spoke to us on Friday, April 17, 2009 about his views of the "Cap and Trade" legislation before his committee. He said, "Cap and Trade" (in its current form) will negatively and disproportionately impact Northeast Michigan and the midwest states. He will not vote for it in the current form. Many people and businesses (stakeholders) may face changes due to the EPA findings and proposed legislation. Now is the time to make your views heard in Washington D.C.--so send your thoughts in to the EPA and Bart Stupak during this public comment period. Now is the time to shape the future.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Summer Concert Series

Spring is here, so get ready for the summer! This summer, the Rogers City Summer Concert Series will be better than ever, thanks to the great work of Dave Snow, Executive Director of the Rogers City Area Chamber of Commerce. Dave has taken on the challenge of putting together this year's program. He is going a terrific job, raising funds and booking talent. Since the schedule is not completely final, I'll leave the announcement to Dave; however, plan your summer schedule now, so you can make all the concerts on Friday night in June and July. The setting by the Marina is great, and we hope to see you there for some good times and good tunes!


Today's environmental tip: Don't let pet waste run off! You can help reduce polluted storm water runoff by just picking up your pet's poop and dispose of it properly. Leaving pet waste on the ground increases public health risks by allowing harmful bacteria or organic material to wash into the storm drain and eventually into local waterbodies. So remember - always scoop the poop! More information: http://www.epa.gov/weatherchannel/stormwater.html Podcast: http://www.epa.gov/earthday/podcasts

Besides being a good tip, it is also the right thing to do!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter to One and All

Happy Easter to One and All,

Rogers City has many places to worship. Check out the list under Community Information. Easter is a great time to attend the worship service of your choice. May God Bless.

Presque Isle County Fair

Spring is Here: Golf Course Open!


The Rogers City Country Club
Is open for the season

Give them a call


Information Provided by Dave Snow, Rogers City Chamber of Commerce

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wayfinding Project

The Community Development Authority (CDA) Board of Directors and the City Council approved a proposal from Fleis and VandenBrink Engineers, Inc. to develop a wayfinding plan for the City of Rogers City. The proposal was for $10,400. The entire project is estimated to cost about $70,000. Half of this funding is coming from a Vibrant Small Cities Initiative (VSCI) grant from the Michigan State Housing Authority (MSHDA). The other half is coming from the City and the CDA. Fleis and VandenBrink will begin work immediately, and will provide a plan for the wayfinding signage by the end of June 2009. If you have questions or comments about this project, then please let me know.

EPA Tip of the Day

The following is quoted from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):

Today's environmental tip: Be sensible! The Earth might seem like it has abundant water, but in fact only one percent of all water on the planet is available for humans. Buy fixtures and products that are water efficient - you can use less water to get the same job done just as well. When you go shopping, look for the WaterSense label to find water efficient products. More information: http://www.epa.gov/watersense/tips/cons.htm Podcast: http://www.epa.gov/earthday/podcasts

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Michigan Coastal News

The Michigan Coastal Management Program, Department of Environmental Quality, is pleased to announce the Spring, 2009, issue of our quarterly e-newsletter, "Michigan Coastal News," available through the following link:

We invite you to forward this announcement to friends, colleagues, and others interested in the protection, restoration, and management of Michigan’s Great Lakes coastal resources. An archive of previous issues is linked to the Program webpage at www.michigan.gov/deqcoastal.

In this issue:
● New 2009 Coastal Projects Launch, 2010 Project Proposals Requested
● Project Spotlight: Marquette Form-Based Codes
● Michigan Low Impact Development Manual Released
● MSU Researchers Close In On New Lamprey Control
● Rare Species Reports Help State Safeguard Biodiversity
● Council Appointed to Develop Offshore Wind Energy Siting Recommendations
● Volunteer for Michigan's Coast!

Please reply to this e-mail to subscribe or unsubscribe to the newsletter announcement list.

Matt Smar
Coastal Nonpoint Source Coordinator
Michigan Coastal Management Program
Environmental Science and Services Division
Department of Environmental Quality
Phone: 517.335.3459
Fax: 517.241.0858

Great Marine Heritage

Images courtesy of Great Lakes Divers

Biz Buzz, April 15, 2009

You are invited to attend a Rogers City Community Forum, otherwise known as the "Biz Buzz." Please mark your calendar and plan to attend this interesting and informative session. It is open to all and your participation is important to the success of our community.

April 15, 2009
Rogers City Senior and Community Center

7:15 – 7:30 A.M.
Coffee and Donuts

7:30 A.M.
Business Buzz Program

8:30 A.M.
Program Ends and Informal Discussions Begin

Business Buzz Program:

A. Wolverine Project Panel Discussion, Moderated by Dave Nadolsky with panelists:
Ken Bradstreet, Mike Grohowski, Bob Paschke, Deb Greene, Mike Marx, and Mark Slown

B. 2009 Street Lights Improvement Project, Harry Wearinga, Fleis & VandenBrink, Inc.

C. Rogers City Area Chamber of Commerce, Dave Snow, Executive Director

Nautical City Festival

The 2009 Nautical City Festival, August 4-9, promises to be better than ever. The Festival Committee plans to create the best festival ever with all new events, new bands, new give aways, and much more. I can not release the secret plans, but there will be some attractions every one will want to see!

It is still early, so plan your summer activities to include the Rogers City Nautical City Festival. You will be glad you did.

Department of Energy Helps Consumers

Here is information from the U. S. Department of Energy (DOE) to help you save money on your home.

DOE's Energy Savers Web Site Helps Consumers Stay Cool, Save Money.

Warm weather is on its way. That usually means electric bills will increase and Americans will use more energy than at any other time of year to keep their homes or businesses cool and comfortable.

Finding ways to combat these high costs is essential, and that is why DOE has launched the Stay Cool, Save Money Web site. This educational tool can help consumers be more energy efficient by implementing simple, cost-effective, energy saving solutions this spring and summer.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Environmental Tip from EPA

Here is the official tip from EPA: "Today's environmental tip: Reduce your carbon footprint! Leaving your car at home twice a week can cut greenhouse gas emissions by 1,600 pounds per year. Save up errands and shopping trips so you need to drive fewer times. If you commute to work, ask if you can work from home at least some days, and you'll reduce air pollution and traffic congestion - and save money."

Brian Wagner our Rogers City Harbor Master, sets a great example for us; most days, he uses his bicycle to go to and from work. Therefore, Brian is the City's environmental "super star" for saving fuel and living a healthy life style! Even if you can not follow all these EPA tips, or emmulate Brian, you can probably find some way to cut down on energy use. Your energy savings will help America and save you money!

In 2009, Rogers City will be fine!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April 2009 Nautical City Newsletter

Here is the current Rogers City Newsletter:


Simply the Best: ACORN

Sponsored By
Serving you at four locations:

Rogers City
181 E. Erie Street

20774 State Street

6987 Turtle Street

Grand Lake
18132 Lake Esua Highway

See Wild Columbine, Dwarf Lake Iris, and Yellow Lady's Slipper!
Get Outdoors with the Entire Family!
Interpretive Nature Walk at
Thompson’s Harbor State Park
Thursday, June 18, 2009
10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Thompson’s Harbor State Park is located approximately 13 miles south of Rogers City and is about 6,000 acres with nearly 7 miles of Lake Huron shoreline. It is essentially
a pristine natural preserve abundant with wildlife, rare flora, and fauna.
The Nature Conservancy of Michigan will conduct the interpretive nature walk that will
guide visitors along this scenic preserve viewing rare species of native plants, some threatened
species, and indigenous wildlife. Some of the current issues facing this unique
ecosystem and threatened species of habitat will be addressed on the tour.
Call 989-734-2477 for reservations
Tour space limited.
Presque Isle District
Library Series;
A.C.O.R.N stands for
Conservation &
Recreation in

“Nature is painting us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty if only we
have the eyes to see them.”
John Ruskin

Live, Local Theater Hit

They say, "You can't keep 'em down on the farm, once they've seen the lights of Broadway." However, Rogers City Theater can shine bright lights too!

The current offering of Hello Dolly! is just a joy. The locals do a wondeful job, including some terrific vocals, great dancing, and very clever set design.

If you have any interest in a live show, come on out to the Rogers City Theater for one of the final showings: 7:30 pm on Friday and Saturday, April 3 and 4, 2009 and, 2:00 pm, April 5, 2009 for a Sunday Matinee.

You simply can't have a better time!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Wolverine Power Plant

Here is a photo from Louisiana showing the new circulating fluidized bed (CFB) power plant being built there. It is very similar to the power plant Wolverine proposes for Rogers Township. For more information about this CFB technology, check out the February 2009 Power Engineering magazine or www.power-eng.com. The CFB technology holds the promise of "clean coal."
People have asked me, "what is the status of this project?" The Governor asked for some additional review; however, there is debate about what that might mean. As I understand it, the
additional review process is through the DEQ and very similar to an Integrated Resource Plan that the regulated utilities complete through the Public Service Commission process. More information is available on-line at DEQ's web site: www.michigan.gov/deq
Wolverine Power Cooperative representatives have assured me that they are working closely with DEQ staff members to meet or exceed all DEQ requirements.

Monday, March 9, 2009

What is the City Manager Thinking?

Well, that asumes that he is thinking.... And here is what I'm thinking about right now; I just read the articles: (shown below) by James H. Svara and Karen Thoreson.

Six Characteristics of Innovative Local Government

In the article “Learning from Award-Winning Innovations in Local Government,” soon to be published in ICMA’s 2009 edition of The Municipal Year Book, we have looked for important examples of innovations recognized in local governments. Drawn from winners and finalists in awards programs of ICMA and the Alliance for Innovation and from case studies selected for presentation at the Alliance annual Transforming Local Government conference, the 28 exemplary examples reflect a sampling of new approaches being undertaken by local governments from the hundreds of submissions for these programs.

They reflect efforts to strengthen communities, remake the locality (Mark's note: "sense of place"), promote health and safety, advance sustainability, develop new forms of E-Gov, and improve organizational design and process. The cases illustrate the new ideas and breakthrough approaches as well as leading examples of transplanting, adapting, and recombining ideas that other jurisdictions have used in order to address a pressing local need or pursue an opportunity in a creative way.

We also examine the shared elements across the organizations that differ in size, region, and governmental type. The organizations manifested varying levels of the following six characteristics:

Leadership – Individuals and groups took the lead in initiating change at all levels of the organization, from elected officials and top administrators to mid-level and front-line staff. The organizational culture supports change, and councils and managers provided critical support even if they were not the initiators.

Creativity – Regular questioning of the status quo occurs in innovative organizations. There is encouragement to seek new ideas, an acceptance of risks, and willingness to adapt and change how the organization operates.

Internal Collaboration- Innovative organizations rarely operate in departmental silos. Cross functional teams are the norm and are staffed by personnel from numerous disciplines and levels of the organization.

External Partnerships – The connections do not stop at the organizational boundaries. Partnerships were formed with other governments, nonprofits, and businesses. Innovative organizations go beyond the quid pro quo arrangements with other groups to sharing of goals and values.

Community Connections – The local governments studied demonstrated a high level of engagement with their citizens and visa versa. Citizens may initiate the change, act as partners in creating new approaches, and demonstrate willingness to accept new approaches.

Results Focused –Organizations that value innovation are looking for results. They evaluate the impact of change with real metrics, recognizing costs, benefits and beneficiaries.

Innovation is neither a fluke nor a science. It takes sustained effort and focus to develop, but it also requires an openness to new ideas, to the unexpected, and previously unrecognized opportunities. If leaders promote the six elements outlined above in their organizations, the likelihood of creating a successful innovation organization is greatly improved.

Dr. James H. Svara is on the board of directors for The Alliance for Innovation, and he is professor in the School of Public Affairs and director of the Center for Urban Innovation, at Arizona State University. Comments can be sent to james.svara@asu.edu.
Karen Thoreson is the Chief Operating Officer of the Alliance for Innovation and deputy director of the Center for Urban Innovation, at Arizona State University. Questions about the award programs of the Alliance for Innovation can be sent to kthoreson@transformgov.org.

Some of this information seems very theoretical to me, but I agree with what it says.

Rogers City needs to do the things it talks about to survive during this economic crisis. We need to work together both in and outside of government. We need to connect with people in our community. We must be results oriented, to get the job of local government done at low cost and to the best of our ability.

I try to balance day-to-day practicality with a thoughtful consideration for the theories of experts, pundits, and local citizens alike. Come talk to me about your City government.... What are we doing right, wrong, or not at all?

I want to hear from each of you.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Capitol Conference, Lansing

Gary Nowak, Darrin Darga, and I attend the Michigan Municipal League (MML) Capitol Conference on March 3 and 4, 2009. This conference is one way your elected and appointed officials work for the City of Rogers City to influence the laws and policies of the State of Michigan and learn best practices for government. In addition to conferences, your elected officials regularly communicate with officials in both Lansing and Washington D.C. via phone, email, and snail mail. While it is a long trip to Lansing, sometimes it is important to talk face to face. While Gary, Darrin, and I were in Lansing we meet with State Senator Jason Allen, Representative Kevin Elsenhiemer, and Representative Andy Neumann. We talked with all them about the importance of preserving Michigan State University (MSU) Extension funding in Presque Isle County, along with other local issue.

We also attened public forums and educational sessions with various other leaders as shown below:

"Four vs. One" was a panel discussion with Reps. Melton and Proos and Sens. Whitmer and Richardville, moderated by Media Personality Tim Scubick. We learned where each legislator stood on a several issues, and watched their interaction. Tim’s questions were "straightforward" and directed at topics like cable and tax reform legislation. The discussion often involved “process” and “communication.” They all stated that hearing from local officials is a critical factor when considering specific legislation and overall public policy.
(Note: this paragraph was adapted from Andrea Messinger, MML Legislative & Communications Coordinator. Thanks Andrea.)

"Vibrant Communities in the 21st Century" was a session featuring three cities in Michigan that seek to be more vibrant. They are seeking to be places where people want to "live, work, and play." Boyne City presented their “Creating Entrepreneurial Communities” program. The Rogers City also participates in this program; however, Boyne has taken the program further than perhaps any other community in Michigan. Their goal was to keep the businesses they have and to create an environment conducive to new small business start-ups. Statistics show that 60-80 percent of employees in the U.S. work for a small business. Boyne City realized that it was more effective to foster entrepreneurialism than to try and hook that “one big” business. They meet with over 100 business owners and asking them what their needs were. They had never been asked this before. The City did an inventory of the business community, and brought together talent from different groups to form a business resource center for entrepreneurs, a sort of “one stop resource.” They are fostering, and nurturing small business in Boyne City.

Like Rogers City, Owosso was interested in creating a vibrant communities for the 21st century. This city of about 15,000 admitted they had a problem, went out on a limb, and reallocated resources and restructured government. They garnered over 5 million in grants, including the Vibrant Small cities Initiative (VSCI) of which Rogers City is a part. They have been working to put together private money (the goal is $2 in private dollars for every $1 of public money). Like Rogers City, they gathered grant funds first, then developed their plan to use the funds. This process takes a long time. Their plan is to focus on historic preservation, arts and culture, a walkable community, and putting together partnerships. They are rebuilding their burned-down theatre, expanding their art center, building trails throughout the city, and are putting in a new streetscape. Phase two of the plan will be to focus on developing downtown housing.

The third municipal example in this presentation was the city of Grand Rapids. They created a new master plan based on the tenets of smart growth. In addition, they rewrote their zoning ordinance, and consequently, were able to create the really great neighborhoods that their residents desired. Rogers City is also working on a new Zoning Ordinance. Grand Rapids' primary concerns was for walkable and accessible neighborhoods, distinctive and attractive developments, and to preserve farmland, open space, natural beauty, and critical environmental areas. They sought resident input, and then followed it. They changed 40 percent of the land in the city from industrial to mixed use. They were amazed by the changes they could make in appearances by making changes to the zoning ordinance. Their residents wanted great neighborhoods, and the city created them by instituting mixed density and a variety of housing styles. They also cherish green infrastructure, which is the core of a good quality of life. In addition to smart growth, the city is focused on Green Grand Rapids and Crime Prevention by Environmental Design.
(Note: this section was adapted from Kim Cekola, MML Research Associate/Publications Editor)

"Transportation and Infrastructure–The View from Capitol Hill:" Officials discussed what local governments must do in order to receive federal funding for transportation projects, as well as efforts that are underway to change our national transportation policy. Foremost on everyone’s minds was the federal stimulus package that was recently passed. Unfortunately, it was confirmed that none of the stimulus funding for roads will be available for small cities like Rogers City due to federal rules in the Stimulus bill. Apparently, only roads that are "federal aide eligible" will receive this road funding. Except for US-23, BR-23, and M-68, none of our major or local streets in Rogers City are "federal aide eligible." This news is a big disappointment; however, Rogers City may get some funding for road repair through our water and sewer projects, which apparently are eligible for funding via the US Department of Agriculture-Rural Development (USDA-RD).

It was reported that Department of Transportation (DOT) officials are claiming that transportation projects are too complicated for local governments to handle and that all money and decision making should therefore flow through the DOT. Apparently, this thinking prevailed on the Congress during the passage of the Federal Stimulus bill. The National League of Cities (NLC) is attempting to change this mindset, but local officials must make their voices heard, if we ever hope to obtain federal dollars for local road repair.

Their was a lot of discussionm about reforming national transportation legislation so that transportation policy reflects the needs of today and not the needs that existed in the 1950s and 1960s when most of the existing policy was crafted. The focus is not just on short-term fixes, but on long-term development that will ensure energy security, economic growth, affordability, and efficient transportation choices for all. One subject discussed was the "gas tax" which is falling short of meeting the needs of the highway system. Also, projects to develop high-speed, inter-city rail systems connecting 50 metropolitan areas may soon be underway. It is anticipated these rail projects will be support by the Obama administration because $8 billion was added to the federal stimulus package for high-speed rail development. Michigan may obtain some of this funding.

Speakers throughout the transportation session repeated how important it is for local officials to stay involved, despite the disappointment of not getting funding for local roads. Local officials must emphasize that local governments can complete transportation projects more quickly and better than state DOTs. They know the needs of their residents and are therefore the best ones to coordinate transportation and land use processes. Local governments will then be able to obtain the funding they need to develop sustainable, affordable transportation that meet needs of the 21st century. (Note: adapted from Tom Wolff, MML, Claims Manager, Risk Management Services)

"Renew Your Energy Expertise:" A new Executive Order issued by the governor solidified our state’s commitment to renewable energy. The order went into effect the first of January, and creates a Bureau of Energy within the Department of Labor and Economic Growth. The governor’s goal is to decrease our state’s dependency on fossil fuels by 45 percent by the year 2020. In addition, the aim is to create jobs in the renewable energy field through these four components: 1) Advanced Energy Storage2) Wind3) Solar4) Energy Efficiency.
In the case of wind and solar, the state wants to both deploy the technology and capture the value chain. Michigan has many skilled manufacturing workers, so transferring these skills to manufacturing renewable energy products is a good way for our state to diversify its workforce.
In addition to the Bureau of Energy, the state has created a Wind Energy Zone Resource Board. This board has been charged with identifying the location of wind zones and studying wind conversion methodologies. Its focus will be on the viability of large wind farms, not stand alone wind turbines. The key to our state’s success is for local government and state government to do this together. Lots of grant money is coming down the pike—the money will originate with the federal government who will give it to the states who will then disperse it to locals. It will not go towards the Bureau of Energy’s general fund, but directly to municipalities to develop their own renewable energy programs. Money will be available under the new economic stimulus package, and for green issues specifically it will come through Energy Efficiency Community Block Grants. To ensure the success of municipalities in receiving and keeping the stimulus, the Bureau of Energy and the Michigan Municipal League have teamed up for what we call “The Green Challenge.” Visit http://www.mml.org/ for more information. after this session, Council member Darga stated that he would like to see Rogers city "as the premier sustainable city in Northeast Michigan."(Note: adapted from Kim Cekola, MML, Research Associate/Publications Editor)

"The Big Picture, State & Federal Affairs Update" a panel of MML lobbyists shared their insight. The lobbying team introduced MML's new Prosperity Agenda. After pinpointing what Michigan can learn from prosperous states (hint: it's all about sense of place), the Prosperity Agenda details "Prosperity Policies" and "Policy Actions" to create a better future for our state. Perhaps the most exciting thing about the Agenda is that it's not just a wish list, but a realistic action plan that shows exactly how communities, together with the Legislature, can create the Michigan of our dreams. A large dose of legislative information, enough to fix the worst political junky, came next. The panel presented the latest details about the federal Economic Recovery Act, mandatory collective bargaining, constitutional amendment on tax reform, the state transportation budget, green building incentives, cable legislation, and more.
(Note: adapted from Andrea Messinger, MML, Legislative & Communications Coordinator)

All-in-all, the Capitol Conference was a great way for your City to participate in the process of moving our community forward. The new MML moto is "Better Communities. Better Michigan." We must all work together to make that motto real.

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