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Monday, May 4, 2009

Travel Michigan

Rogers City is mentioned on the Travel Michigan web site! The following is an excerpt from the Travel Michigan website www.michigan.org

"You don't need your car to cruise a 10-mile stretch of Michigan's Sunrise Coastal Highway Heritage Route tracing US-23 along the Lake Huron shore. From Rogers City to P.H. Hoeft State Park , the new Huron Sunrise Trail provides a smooth paved pathway for bicycles, pedestrians and inline skaters. After winding out of Rogers City park and marina, the trail never strays more than a few feet from the broad, sandy beach. In the 300-acre preserve, the state has linked the Huron Sunrise Trails with its own new, paved trails that slices through the forest to P.H. Hoeft's quiet beach and campground."

What they don't say is that a new leg of the trail is almost complete from Hoeft State Park to 40 Mile Point Light House. This new leg of the Huron Sunrise Trail will be open this summer.

Rogers City is a great place to live, to work, and to play!

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