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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Shopping Destinations and Christmas Joy

Rogers City is a great place to do your last minute Christmas shopping.  Shown above is The Domaci Gallery which has many unique pieces of art.  See how brave these locals are to wear shorts in December--we don't let a little snow hold us back! 

While you are in Rogers City, check out The Painted Lady Gallery which has a wide variety of art, gifts, and toys.  While you shop, enjoy a hand-crafted flavored cappuchino, brewed by a talented local barista!  Watching your drink be prepared is part of the fun, and you never know with whom you might strike up a conversation!

You can also visit Heller's Gifts for candles and crafts from all around the world.  Don't forget to stop in the Jean's Gifts to buy a Hallmark card for the one you love.  Men, let your ladies know you love them with a card and note....

There are many other great places to shop in Rogers City, and our merchant's are always trying to please, so if you need something which is not displayed, ask them, and they will probably be able to special order it for you. 

While Christmas shopping can be fun, Christmas is not about shopping or expensive gifts.  Christmas is a gift of joy from above!

Our giving creates joy, whether we see a look of suprise and delight as someone opens a present from under the tree, or we never see a gift.  At times, when we did not have much, my wife and I gave each other an empty box "filled with love."  Christmas is a season of joy, and, once you find it, you can always find a way to share it. 

Despite the gloomy economy, at Christmas in Rogers City, I know many hearts will be bright with everlasting joy.

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