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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Smart Move--Select Michigan

Michigan Department of Agriculture (MDA) Director Don Koivisto encouraged
consumers to "Select Michigan" products when preparing for Thanksgiving.

Many of the delicious foods traditionally served at Thanksgiving are produced here in
Michigan, Koivisto said. As the second most-diverse agricultural industry in the nation, Michigan enjoys numerous local commodities from turkey and pumpkins to cranberries and wine. Make your Thanksgiving a Michigan meal. Selecting Michigan-made and grown products helps ensure the freshness and nutritional value of your meal as these local products spend less time getting to the table.

We help keep dollars working in Michigan by selecting locally grown and made products, said Koivisto. In fact, if every Michigan family spent just $10 a week on locally grown foods, it would keep $37 million working right here in the state.

Here are some additional local goodies for your enjoyment: Michigan blueberries and peaches, purple Posen potatoes, Presque Isle apples, venision, and fresh fish.

All healthy for you too!

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