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Monday, March 22, 2010

New Zoning Language

A community's rules about development are very important for its future.  Given the community is what it is at any given moment.  Existing building, businesses, residences, and districts are based on the rules the community put in place and how well they were enforced in the past.

Some people think, "Why can't I build or do whatever I want?  It is my property!"  The answer is simple--because you have neighbors.  Every property in a small town is part of a neighborhood.  What your building looks like and what you do there have an impact on the neighbors and the neighborhood.  Quality of life, property value, and safety are all directly effected by what happens in the neighborhood.  Therefore, a community puts in place--hopefully--reasonable and consistent rules for new development. 

To that end, using a grant from the DNRE Coastal Zone Management (CZM), Rogers City is revising its Zoning Ordinance.  The work has been going on for over a year.  From the Planning Commission, Del Conley, Milt Very, and Ray Zielinski have been meeting regularly with Denise Cline (NEMCOG) and Toby Kuznicki (City Staff) to draft new language to update the existing zoning ordinance.

You will find a draft of "Section 32-67: Plot Plans and Site Plan Requirements, Review and Approval" on this website under City Government/ Zoning and Planning.  I encourage everyone with an interest in the future of Rogers City to read this new language.  I am very interested in your comments and suggestions.

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