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Monday, December 6, 2010

Theresa Heinzel Retiring After 30 Years

At the end of this year, Theresa Heinzel will complete 30 years of excellent service to the people of Rogers City.  Theresa began work with the City on Janaury 5, 1981, working as the Utility Billing Deputy Clerk.  Council appointed her City Clerk/Treasurer on January 21, 1991.  With 30 years working for the City and 20 years as Clerk/Treasurer, Theresa Heinzel has seen a lot of community life and many changes in Rogers City.  She has faithfully written and signed minutes for over 550 special and regular meetings of the City Council.  There are five thick and heavy bound books filled with her outstanding work.

At her first meeting as Clerk in 1981, the City Council passed a resolution supporting U.S. Armed Forces participating in the conflict in the Middle East.  Since then, Theresa has been an integral part of every action of City Council, including dozens of major infrastructure projects, hundreds of contracts, and thousands of financial decisions.  She has carefully and accurately recorded and published dozens of new or revised City Ordinances.  Her meticulous and thoughtful work can be seen in the way she has been helping Terri Koss learn her new job.  Very few citizens have made such an extensive and positive contribution to this community.   

Theresa Heinzel's last work day will be Wednesday, December 22, 2010.  A reception in her honor is being held from 2-4 pm at City Hall.  There will be refreshments and presentations.  The public is invited to attend to recognize Theresa Heinzel and to congratulate her on her many achievements.

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