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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Annual Choice of Level-of-Service: Residential Rubbish Pick Up

Now is the time to change your trash pick up level of service. Three levels of service are available: basic (one bag or can) , full (six bags or three cans), and cart (95 gallon wheeled cart). If you are happy with your current level of service, then you don't need to do anything. But if you want to make a change, then you must complete a simple form and turn it in to City Hall by Friday, June 17, 2011.

The Basic Service costs $4.75 per month, or about $1.25 per weekly pick up.  Full Service is $9.70 per month, and Cart Service is $10.25 per month.  With cart service you must pay an additional rental charge for the cart, but it rolls out to the curb!  So, no more dragging the back or hurting your back... Contact PAC Inc. at 989-733-2598 to inquire about the cart service.

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