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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Michigan has Many Great Places to Live, like Rogers City

Here is an article from MEDC about how Michigan Cities are great places to live.  Of course, we know it, but it is nice to see in print.  Rogers city is not specifically mentioned in this piece, but somehow, I feel it should be included.  Not that we have all the ammenities of Marquette or Ann Arbor, but we are very special and wonderful in our own right--Rogers City is a great place to live.

From Marquette to Detroit, MI cities are earning accolades

Whether it’s high quality of life for families or the best place to stretch a paycheck, Michigan cities are receiving national recognition for the amenities people seek when choosing a place to call home. 

Marquette lighthouse

Marquette, according to Forbes, is the third best small city in America to raise a family; Midland is fourth. The cities were chosen based on a number of quality of life measures that make living easier for families, such as average incomes, educational prospects, cost of living, commute times and homeownership rates.  Worth noting: 12 of the top 15 cities on the list are in the Midwest.

Ann Arbor has been in the spotlight recently too. Parenting magazine reports that Ann Arbor is the 10th best city in the country for education, citing the University of Michigan, a uniquely diverse school system, a high number of accredited day care providers and a superior graduation rate as evidence.

For those students who decide to make Ann Arbor their home after graduation, they probably will find work fairly easily – according to the Detroit Free Press, Ann Arbor is a job seekers’ market, with the lowest unemployment rate in the state (6.2 percent) and a thriving economy.

Another Forbes study revealed that Detroit is one of the best areas in the country to live and work based on cost of living measures. In “The Cities Where a Paycheck Stretches the Furthest,” Forbes cites Detroit’s resurgent auto industry, huge surge in STEM jobs and affordable housing as reasons it placed Detroit third on the list.

Overall, Michigan is leading the country in economic recovery, according to the Detroit News. The dropping unemployment rate, upswing in home sales and increase in consumer spending are all evidence of a positive outlook for the Great Lakes state. 

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