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Friday, January 18, 2013

Paul Marshall Appointed for Business

The City Council appointed Mr. Paul Marshall as a special representative for business for the City of Rogers City on January 15, 2013.

Here is a brief biograph from Mr. Marshall:

"Paul Marshall worked nearly thirty years as an independent manufacturer’s representative promoting and selling precision gauging systems used in industrial and medical fields.  His experience provided the opportunity to work with US and internationally based companies.  Business travels took him to Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Italy, Great Britain and India where he made many business contacts and friends.   Paul retired in 2007 and now resides in Rogers City, Michigan." 
As City Manager, I'm so pleased that Mr. Marshall has agreed to help our community.  As you can see he has tremendous business experience.  As you know from the pages of this blog, one of my primary goals and interests has been to see improvement in the local economy and increased commerce in Rogers City.  However, this is not my primary job.  I have a full-time job managing the City's employees, its budget, administering Council's policies, and serving the citizens of the community.
Recruiting new and assisting existing businesses in Rogers City is a challenging and full time job in its own right.  It is a fantastic development for our community that Mr. Marshall has volunteered his experience and time to this end.  I am certain he will be a great force for economic growth in Rogers City.  Even if he only bring one new job, he will be a success.  He has volunteered to serve without compensation.  
His primary responsibility is to act as a communication and coordination point of contact for business.   Also, Mr. Marshall will work as a liaison with other economic development agencies such as: the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), The Northeast Michigan Council of Governments (NEMCOG), the Presque Isle County Economic Development Commission/Community Development Commission (EDC/CDC), and the City's own Community Development Authority (CDA).  
The City Council retains all official decision making power, regarding any special agreements.

I look forward to working with Mr. Marshall and thank him for offering to help our community.

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