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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Michigan Small Business Confidence Grows, According to CBS News Report

Below is a selection from an article published in CBS NEWS by Matt Rousch:

LANSING — The latest Michigan Future Business Index survey of small and midsize business leaders shows unequalled confidence in the state’s business economy and a rekindled desire to reinvest in their own future.
Business owners said they have seen added growth in their businesses over the past six months and now plan to make investments in their workforce through increased wages and training.
“The Michigan Future Business Index surveys continue to show increasing evidence that Michigan’s business climate is improving,” said Mike Britt, president of Accident Fund Insurance Co. of America, which sponsors the survey. “Accident Fund’s customer base is primarily comprised of small- and mid-size businesses, so we are happy to see Michigan businesses continue to grow and prosper. A healthy business climate in Michigan is good for everyone.”
The previous Michigan Future Business Index survey, conducted in October 2012, showed indications of moderated optimism among businesses that had been incrementally building since 2010. The survey pointed to setbacks in the national economy, the fear of the then-looming fiscal cliff, and the uncertainty of the then-unrealized presidential election as reasons for the pullback. With most of those concerns now in the rearview mirror, optimism appears to have picked up again.

Blog note: Rogers City has experienced significant new investments worth many millions of dollars this past year.  Both small and medium size businesses in our community are participating in the economic revival.  Now is a great time to invest in the future.  Many viable business opportunities are available. Some property is still priced very affordably.  For example, I am aware of one small retail shop in the downtown that is available for a purchase price of less that $40,000.  Any man or woman who wanted to start their own small buasiness could hardly do better than this location to get started and not be tied to lease payments.  I'm sure these great opportunities will not be available for very much longer.

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