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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Coastal Zone Management (CZM) Grant Announced

The Michigan Coastal Management Program announced it is recommending a grant of $10,000 for the City of Rogers City. The grant will help the Planning Commission to conduct a complete review of the City Zoning Ordinance and to make needed revisions to it. The City has retained the services of the Northeast Michigan Council of Governments (NEMCOG) to help conduct the zoning ordinance review, using professional planners on the NEMCOG staff such as Richard Duell and Denise Cline. The review is already in process, and the grant will allow the City to speed up the review process. Updates and improvements to the City Zoning Ordinance will help position the City to take advantage of economic opportunities associated with the Wolverine Clean Energy Venture and with the coming economic recovery.

Mr. Matt Smar of CZM announced the pending grant award in a letter to the City of rogers City dated December 9, 2008. The grant award is pending final approval of the U.S. Department of Commerce. A grant contract is expected "in the near future."

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