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Monday, August 16, 2010

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Dear Visitors, Friends, and Fans of Rogers City:  Due to my ignorance of modern technology, I have not been able to blog on behalf of Rogers City for sometime.  It is a long and painful story and one that I know only in part, but perhaps someday, I will be able to tell you about it.  This story is certainly a modern cautionary tale.

In the now, I have more important things to say.  Specifically, to those who have been checking in on the Rogers City website and this blog--only to find an old entry from March, please accept my sincere apology. 

Now that I have the technology--thanks to John Addis--to go at this blog regularly again,  I hope that you will visit Rogers City's website and this blog, find something new and interesting, and visit often.  This blog is open for business!

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