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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

UMBS Course Offers Great Urban Design Ideas

Here is a sketch of sustainable street design provided at no cost to Rogers City from a University of Michigan (UM) student who participated in the UM Biological Station Course on Sustainable Urbanism.  The course was lead by Doug Farr of Farr and Associates--a pioneer in sustainable urbanism.  The student wished to remain unnamed, but I am grateful for his gracious gift. 
The sketch shows a tree-lined boulevard with a 100 foot right of way (ROW).  This is an idealyllic streetscape of a pedestrian-friendly residential street or a great shopping/dinning venue.  Notice how the street "bumps out" at the intersection, to make street crossing easier for pedestrians.  Having more streets that look like this in Rogers City would enhance the character and sustainability of our community.
There will be more of these UMBS urban design ideas coming to this blog soon.  Thanks for this image goes to the artist, to Doug Farr who inspired us, and Christina Anderson who took time to send this and other images to Rogers City.  You all are the best!

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