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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cedar Street and Community Development

Cedar Street is now open to traffic.  If you are travelling in the area, please be very cautious and watch out for continued construction activity.  

There have been delays to the Cedar Street work due to underground conditions discovered during excavation.  These conditions included an underground spring which flooded the sewer trench and a layer of extremely dense "hard pan" which took some extra work to excavate.  With determination and resourcesfulness, Mr. MacArthur and his crew worked through the challenges. 

Most of the new water and sewer lines are now in place in this area.  Storm drainage work and surface grading is still in progress. Unfortunately due to the delays, paving will have to wait until next spring.  This may cause some challenges to local residents and users, but it will result in better compaction of the subgrade as many vehicles drive over it during the next few months.  Sorry for any inconvience to travellers in this area. 

The Cedar Street area was selected for work due to the poor condition of existing infrastructure and because it may provide opportunities for community development at reasonable costs.  The area has a mixture of occupied and vacant lots, some commercial lots with high visibility from US-23 and some nicely wooded and quite lots suitable for single family homes away from the highway.   

Because of Federal rules associated with the grant financing used, no special assessments may be charged for these improvements.  Therefore, once the project is completed, these lots will have  high quality utilities and new roads available at no extra cost to the property owners.  Any developers interested should check with local realtors about the availability of this property.

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