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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Chamber of Commerce Dinner--Big Success

Last evening over 100 of Rogers City's business and community leaders gathered at the Rogers City Area Senior and Community Center to celebrate our business community.  Chamber of Commerce President Bill Depsey, introduced Ray Spain, the new Executive Director for the Chamber of Commerce.  Ray brings many strengths to this challenging position. I've already seen Ray show positive leadership and energy.  Welcome Ray!

The dinner was served by a host of friendly staff and the food from the Senior Center kitchen was hot and tasty.  The party proceeded with award of various raffle prizes.  Many people won a token gift, or in my case a funny gag gift--a bottle of "Slownoff" (sounds like like Smirnov) Vodka.  The sound of my name is the Russian word for elephant.  So, the logo on the bottle of Slownoff Vodka was a pink elephant with the message "fill up your trunk."  Ray gave me this gift because we were brain storming economic development ideas, and I had suggested that Vodka could be made using locally grown food, like potatoes or corn.

Anyway, the evening was great fun with Mike Ridley performing the after dinner entertainment.  No group was spared Mike's lampooning wit.  Mike is a very talented artist--you should see him perform.

Well done! 

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