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Monday, February 28, 2011

February 2011 Nautical City News

Mayor’s Message:

The end of winter brings new hope and new challenges for Rogers City.

Many will rejoice that a Missaukee Judge approved a request for the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to review the permit denial for the Wolverine Clean Energy Venture (WCEV). Also, DEQ has decided not to appeal this action. There may be legal challenges ahead for WCEV, but at least we have positive movement.

Also, the Presque Isle County Commissioners recently agreed to hold a county-wide inter-government meeting to discuss areas of mutual interest. This meeting is scheduled to take place at the Bismarck Township Hall at 7:00 pm, on Thursday, March 10, 2011.

As we address next year’s fiscal challenges, you should be aware the City reduced staff from 28 full-time employees to 25 during the past two years: two were public works employees and one was a police officer. Also, last year the City Council reduced the tax rate in the City from 17.1208 mills to 16.6711 mills. According to the last audit report, general fund expenses have been reduced from $2,040,730 to $1,798,027, saving tax payers $242,703 per year.

The marina refunding bond closed on February 24, 2011.

Along with staff changes and other economy measures, the marina may no longer require a subsidy from the general fund.

We continue efforts to economize. City Council and staff are working on a new budget for the new fiscal year which begins July 1, 2011. We want to hear from you about what is important to sustain and what may be cut to finalize a new balanced budget.

City Hall Staff:

We are here to serve you. Clerk/Treasurer Terri Koss and Deputy Clerk Liz Fuhrman have been working at City Hall for about three months. Other City Hall employees include Mark Slown, Judy Darga, Toby Kuznicki, Janet Nowak, and Police Chief Matt Quaine and members of the Police Department. Mike Kroll is the Fire Chief for the Rogers City Area Fire Department Authority. You are welcome to visit or email in to register a complaint, make a suggestion, or ask a question.

Community Development Authority (CDA) News:

Federated Properties and the CDA settled a lawsuit over the Lakeview Project. Federated Properties agreed to purchase one lot on which they had built a model home for $6,000. Also, it was agreed to dissolve the condominium and lease agreements and the master deed & by laws. Federated agreed to hold the CDA harmless and make no further claims.

The house Federated built on the Lakeview site is now available to be purchased with a clear title. The property is a Michigan Renaissance Zone location which provides significant tax advantages to the property owner.

The CDA is considering its options for the remaining property it owns at this location. If you have suggestions for the CDA, please contact Janet Nowak.

The Main Street Design Committee meets following the Planning Commission on the fourth Monday of each month. Planning Commission begins at 6:00 pm and is done by 7:00pm. The Design Committee works on projects to improve the appearance of the downtown.

Planning Commission News:

The Planning Commission completed and City Council has approved a new Zoning Ordinance. This important document is available on the city website or at City Hall.

If you are planning a new building project or a renovation of an existing building or residence, please contact Toby Kuznicki about your project.

Antique/Classic Snow Mobile Show is March 11-12, 2011.

Cable Television News:

Sunrise Cable Network (SCN) of Onaway is providing cable viewers with TV programming, including bulletin board service, City Council meetings, and community programs. Please send bulletin board requests in 14 days prior to the event.

Real-Time Weather:

You can get real-time weather information based right here in Rogers City. The Hammond Bay Anglers provided funding to purchase a weather station that up-loads current weather statistics every 2 minutes to the city website. You can see current temperature, highs and lows, wind direction and speed, rainfall totals, and barometric pressure. To see weather info, go to www.rogerscity.com then the marina page. Click on the link under the Hammond Bay Angler's logo.

City Council:

City Council appointed Dana Labar to fill a vacancy on Council. Dana will serve until the next election, when the seat will be open for candidates seeking election to the office. If you are interested in service on City Council or on one of many city commissions or committees, please contact City Hall for more information.


All groups wishing to sponsor a Parade on an MDOT trunk line, such as Erie (M-68) or 3rd (BR-23) need to know about new MDOT requirements. MDOT’s new system at the Alpena Transportation Service Center (TSC) requires thirty (30) days to process. City staff needs up to 15 days to obtain City Council approval. Please make your request 45 days in advance of the event.


Go to www.rogerscity.com to find a calendar of local events, links to other websites, information about Rogers City tax information, community and visitor information, and the City Manager’s weblog. Your tax information is also on the Presque Isle County website:  http://www.presqueislecounty.org/

Rogers City has a Facebook page where you may post comments and pictures to connect with our community. You must establish your own login with Facebook to access Rogers City’s Facebook page.

Sewer Line Policy:

Sometimes a property owner experiences or suspects a blockage in their sanitary sewer service. The property owner or servicing plumbing contractor must notify the City prior to beginning any cleanout work. The City crew will check the main. If the blockage is found in the main, the City crews will remove the obstruction and/or make the necessary repairs. Blockages within the service line from the structure to the main are the responsibility of the property owner. The City does not participate/share in the cost of cleaning out/repairing sanitary sewer service lines before the main.

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Note: City Hall will be closed for Good Friday, April 22, 2011

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