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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Street Lights Phase 2--Request for Release of Funds

Today i sent MEDC the Request for Release of Funds (RRF) and the Environmental Certification for Phase 2 of the Rogers City Downtown Street Light Improvement Project.  The document is about 20 pages of details including my certification that the project will not harm the natural environment and that an environmental impact study is not needed.

The project will actually be beneficial to the environment as it will reduce energy consumption by an estimated 30% over the existing high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps in our cobra head street lights.

Some people have observed that the downtown does not look as "bright" with these new lights.  Testing of the light level on the street proves that the light levels are actually higher.  The reason it does not appear as bright is that the new lamps are shielded from horizontal view.  You don't see the lamp itself unless you get under the light and look up.  So, when you look down the street, you don't see the bright bulbs (which are actually very bright if you look up into the lamp).

The type of lighting we now enjoy actually is better for visibility and the environment.  You aren't blinded by bright bulbs which harm your night vision.  Also, you can see special effects lighting better with these new lights.  Finally, it is "dark sky" or "star light" compliant.  you can see the stars more easily because you don't see the bright bulbs which reduce night vision.

If you want to learn more about our new lights, don't hesitate to contact me.  Once you get use to the change you are going to love the new lights, especially since they save your tax money!

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