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Monday, February 6, 2012

Pure Michigan Super Bowl ad

Pure Michigan Super Bowl ad puts Holland in spotlight


By Peg McNichol
Posted Feb 02, 2012 @ 10:51 PM
Holland will be showcased on Super Bowl Sunday with the help of a Holland Area Convention and Visitors Bureau ad.
“It’s really exciting. We have not done anything like this before,” Sally Laukitis, the bureau’s executive director, said in a phone interview Thursday morning.
She said the bureau is splitting the cost of the full-page ad in the paper program with another organization, the Great Lakes Bay Regional Convention and Visitors Bureau. Laukitis declined to disclose what the ad costs, other than to say, “It was certainly in our budget.”
She said the choice to advertise at the Indianapolis game makes sense for several reasons, starting with the fact that the program booklet is a collector’s item.
“There’s a name recognition for Holland, Mich., on the East Coast,” she said, adding that the ad also ties in the statewide “Pure Michigan” campaign. “We like the fact that the program itself becomes a collectors’ item because people will take it home and not throw it away — they may be flipping through it a year from now, showing it to friends, and there’s a full-page ad for Holland.”
Plus, she said, the online version of the program will draw an estimated 500,000 views by people looking up news about game results for the New York and New Jersey teams.
This weekend’s Super Bowl program ad is the fourth full-page, sports-related ad by the bureau, Laukitis said; others included the yearbooks for the Detroit Lions, Detroit Red Wings and the Chicago Bears.

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