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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Thank You for City Volunteers and Donations

I am humbled by the great generousity and giving nature of the citizens of this community.  So far this year the outpouring of giving of time, talent, and money is absolutely amazing!

There has been so much done by volunteers, I'm sure I will not capture all of it.  Below is a partial list.  Also, a one line entry is certainly not a complete description of all the work or value that went into each of these items.  For anyone who is not mentioned below, please forgive. 

On behalf of the Rogers City area community, thanks to everyone who has given to make this community better!

Netta's--for flowers donated
White Pines Garden--for flowers donated
Ellen Planck--for collecting donations for hanging flower baskets in the downtown
All those who donated--for the hanging flower baskets
The Baptist Church of Rogers City--for watering the hanging flower baskets
Beth and John Budnick and Mary Sue Wozniak--for the Mariner's Mall Garden
Kiwanis Club (Don Scheadig and others)--for the flowers on the Avenue of Flags
Ruth Wright for assembling over 100 packets of information for boaters at the Marina
The "Wacky Weeders"--for the great flower beds planted in all the City Parks
The Optismist Club--for improvements to South Shore Park playground and clearing brush
The Little League Association--for improvements to the Little League Fields
Those who donated money and trees to the "City of Parks and Trails"
The Harbor Advisory Commission--for loads of help with the Marina
The Parks and Recreation Commission--for serving and special projects
The Design Committee--for serving and special projects
The Growth Committee--for serving and special projects
Rachel Goodstein--for a press release and press kits
The Safe Routes to School Team--for serving and special projects
The Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals--for serving
The City Council--for serving and so much more!
The Rogers City Housing Commission--for serving and making Hilltop Manor a great place
The Community Development Authority--for serving and improvements to the downtown
Annonymous donations made to the Marina--Thank you!
The Friends of Arts and Crafts in the Park--for the Spring Fest on June 9, 2012
Richard Warwick--for the City-wide Garage Sales on June 8 and 9, 2012
The Nauti Kruzers Car Club--for the "Cabin Fever Car Show" on May 19, 2012
Cindy Vezinau and her whole crew of helpers--for Martin Mania May 24-26, 2012
The VFW Post--for the Memorial Day Parade
The Rogers City Area Chamber of Commerce and Katie Haywood--for the Summer Concerts

Last but not least, the Nautical City Festival Committee--for a ton of planning and effort going into making this year's festival a special celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Calcite Quarry.  This Nautical City Festival, July 31 to August 5, 2012, is going to be special! 

Thanks to everyone for helping to make this a great community! 

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