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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Michigan Main Street Center Website

For all the best information about how to make a great downtown, check out the new Michigan Main Street Center website.  You can learn about how a small town, like Rogers City can become a healthy and vibrant place.  Rogers City is working dilligently to become a Main Street Community--a growing community lead by volunteer citizens who seek to revitalize the heart of our town.  Learn more about the Main Street program at this website:


If you want to get involved in Rogers City's Main Street Associate program, please contact me.  There is room for everyone who wants to help this community.  You will find just the right sort of fun thing that you want to do.  We have traditional committee work in four areas (promotion, design, organization, and business development), but we also have hands-on activity such as doing downtown decorations, helping conduct community events, providing marketing assistance, providing IT assistance to local business, website development, using social media, helping people in need, helping people start new businesses, planting flowers, community art and music, and more--Rogers City's Main Street Associate Program has a need for almost every skill and talent.  We have a great group of people, including our Main Street gang. We want you to be part of rebuilding this community!

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