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Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall Fest a Big Success!

Rogers City is a busy place for a "sleepy little town!"  Our Fall Fest at Westminster Park was packed with artists and crafters, vendors and people.  For example, the Presque Isle County Museum booth (which I worked) sold over $700 worth of books and DVDs.  Thanks to Mark Thompson and Jim Hopp for donating the proceeds from the sale of their books to the Historical Museum.  You gentlemen bring history to life for Rogers City!   The Emmy Award winning "November Requiem"

Thanks also to Deb Stiller and the many talented artists and crafters who draw people from out of state to see their fine work! 

A new addition to the Fall Fest was a great showing of farm produce and natural foods.  Thanks to Brad Mertz, Kerry Viegelahn, the Snows, and others.

Finally,  thanks to Lisa from the Chamber of Commerce for coordinating this great event--you rock!

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