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Friday, September 17, 2010

Safe Routes To School (SR2S)

Below is an updated version of the Rogers City's SR2S "Action Plan."  This is a "living" document and your comments and suggestion are welcome.

1. Bicycle safety: Preparation, classroom instruction, review results--Matt Bission

2. Implement "Make Trax" Curriculum: Distribute to Teachers, use, assess--K. Makowski
3. Incorporate SR2S in Physical Education Curriculum at Middle School and Focus on

Fitness Activities: Plan, Use, Assess--Student Council and School Nurse


1.Community Leaders Set Example and Bike or walk to work and/or to school with school children/walking School bus--Each leader
2.Walking School Bus: Set up Routes, Designate "Bus" Drivers, Conduct walk--Chief Quaine, Art Ross, Jim Hopp

3. International Walk to School Day Celebration Event: Plan Event, Conduct Event, Award Savings Bond 1-- entire SR2S Committee


1. Patrol Routes—during walk to/from school times am and pm Assign & Supervise Officers on Patrol Chief Quaine Continuous

2.  Spot check bicycles for safety reflectors conduct random spot checks of bikes at school and other locations--All Officers 

3. Special Patrols—for special school events such as sports, assemblies, concerts, etc. Conduct Before and After School Patrol--Chief Quaine


1.Yearly Sidewalk Repair Program: Conduct annual inventory sidewalks and publish request for repairs, obtain funding from City Council, contract for repairs--Toby Kuznicki

2. Build Sidewalk for segments on Erie and Wenonah Street (top priority from audit and analysis): Design sidewalk, seek funding, implement as funding becomes--C2AE and Mark Slown

3. Continue Route Planning and Assessment 1: Annual Review & Update, request and obtain engineering design, implement as funds available--SR2S Committee

End of Plan

For more information about SR2S go to http://www.saferoutesmichigan.org/

If you are interested in helping with the Rogers City SR2S program, please contact me.  Thank you.

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