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Monday, January 23, 2012

Jobs for Veterans

This story is by Gabrielle Mays as reported in the Houghton Bureau Reporter

HUBBELL -- With the recent withdrawal of troops from overseas, many veterans returning home are realizing that finding work can be a difficult task.
Sam Wareham is a former Electrician's Mate for the Navy, and he was able to find employment through the Veterans Services Division.
"They helped me get a job here when a position became available, and through them, they helped me get my applications together and fill out the applications properly," said Wareham.
Employment representatives work directly with veterans on a daily basis to connect them with employers in the area and place them into jobs.
According to the Joint Economic Committee, in 2010, the unemployment rate for veterans in the state of Michigan was 16 percent which is double the national average.
Wednesday night, Governor Snyder held the State of the State address, and he spoke about the current unemployment rate for veterans.
"Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, our unemployment rate was approximately 29 percent. This isn't right and we need to act. I encourage all employers to place a priority on hiring veterans," said Governor Snyder.
One particular company in Hubbell is doing just that. OSMOSE is a company that makes raw materials for the wood preserve chemical industry, and on Thursday they were honored for their outstanding service to veterans.
"This company is being honored today because of their consistent history of hiring veterans. They have about 60 people on staff total, and 20 of them are veterans," said Mark Tweedale, Employment Specialist for the Veterans Services Division.
Getting veterans back into the workforce is a top priority for Michigan Works, and with companies like OSMOSE doing their part, more veterans will be able to find jobs once they return home.

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