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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DNRE)

Some people in Rogers City have complained about the slow response to the Wolverine Clean Energy Venture (WCEV) Permit to Install (PTI).  I have to agree, this PTI has been delayed beyond a reasonable period.  Many people have speculated on why and what it means. 

I have no answers to those question; however, I do want to pass on praise, where praise is due.  Today, City Attorney Mike Vogler and I attended a meeting with Melissa Kendzierski and David Lindsay of the DNRE at their Gaylord office. 

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the Community Development Authority (CDA) Lakeview Project.  Melissa and David spent over two hours going over many aspects of this Brownfield Redevelopment Project.  They were very helpful in giving us a much clearer understanding of the environmental status of the project and what options are available, from an environmental point of view, to help resolve existing questions about this project.

I will not go into those options and questions in this forum.  Mike and I will brief the CDA at the next meeting, at 7:30 am on Wednesday, March 10, 2010, and the public is welcome to attend. However, I did not want to let pass an opportunity to publically thank these two excellent professionals for assisting this community to move forward. 

Melissa and David, thank you!

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