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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Michigan Local Government Management Association (MLGMA)

MLGMA is a mouthful from any perspective, but it is a great organization.  I recently returned from the MLGMA "Winter Institute"--a great learning and networking experience.  So much valuable information was provided to me, I'm not sure where to start....  Bad news is best to get out first, and "save the best for last."

The bad news is that the State of Michigan financial situation continues to be very weak.  State Revenue sharing will likely be cut again and more than last year.  This cut will hit our City budget very hard, after a long string of other cuts in revenue and increased cost of operations.  The City faces serious financial challenges.  However, we will get through to a brighter future with attention to detail, frugality, and shared sacrifice. 

The good news is that innovation, creativity, and hard work do pay off.  I brought many specific ideas back which will be shared with staff and City Council at the appropriate time, and some of these ideas may save us money, make for a smoother operation, or serve our citizens better. 

One key area that you will hear from me again and again is "business development," sometimes called entrepreneurship.  Rogers City already has the spirit!  We have seen at least three new businesses in Rogers City this year:  Deb Smith's Green House, Ron Krawczak's White Pines Garden, and Jackie Noffze's Le Fluer Boutique.  If you started a new business and you are not mentioned, please let me know.  I can not sing praises enough for these pioneers.  During a tough economy, these courageous people took a big risk and opened a new business!  These are real American heroes!  I encourage everyone to visit and partonize these new Rogers City businesses.  They offer high class products and great service.  We need more people like these three who will buck the tide of economic decline.  They are the future!

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