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Monday, February 22, 2010

Economic Opportunity Project--The Report

The Economic Opportunity Project is done, or is it just beginning?  The 206-page report is published, and it is available at the Presque Isle District Library in Rogers City, at the Presque Isle County Economic Development Office and at the MSU Extension Office (both are on the 3rd floor of the County Building), at City Hall.  You can download a copy or read the document on line.  Will this report figure into our future? 

Some of Sharon Woods' comments ruffled peoples's feathers.... Other people said, "right on!"  If the report  begins honest dialogue between citizens, community leaders, business people, and youth too, then the report will be worth the effort. 

If we can get one new full-time permanent job from it, then it will be worth the cost to the City: $15,000 (half from the Community Development Authority and half from the City General Fund). 

Many people have already shown an interest and a committment to help.  Over the course of three public meetings, we had over 150 people attend and participate.  The report contains ideas from them and much more.  Also, at the final meeting, Carmine Avantini invited citizens to step foward and volunteer to help.  Several citizens did just that!  Thank you, to those who did and to all who want to make Rogers City a better place.  I believe this report and our renewed efforts will accelerate revitalization in Rogers City.  

But, how do we keep this report from being "just another expensive report that gathers dust on a shelf?"
I'm going to use this blog to discuss various items from the report.  Also, groups, like the Promotions Committee, will discuss topics from the report at their meetings.  In addition, Cheryl Peters has offered to help lead education forums and other community leaders will do their part too.  Ultimately, the answer to the question "what happens now?" depends entirely on the people of Rogers City.

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