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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Natural Resources Trust Fund

Ralph Stedman, the Presque Isle County Soil Conservation Director, and I attend a workshop this afternoon in Grayling, MI.  The workshop was put on by the newly reorganized Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DRNE) to explain grant opportunities for park improvements and park land acquisition.  Over the past decades the Natural Resources Trust Fund has provide hundreds of millions of dollars to communities in Michigan, including Rogers City.  Coming from gas and oil revenues, these funds have improved recreational opportunities and preserved some wonderful property in perpetuity.

Now that our new Community Recreation Plan (posted elsewhere on this website) has been approved by the DNRE, as the "City of Parks and Trials," Rogers City may again be able to obtain grant funding.  It is my hope that our community will once again improve the quality of life for our residents and visitors through the use of these grant dollars.  Some communities will aquire these dollars; why not Rogers City.   More trails perhaps?  Your suggestions and comments are welcome.

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